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Winning design #6 by rajagee, Graphic Design for Investment Group Stationary and Business Cards Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

I require a Stationary pack and Business Cards that are neat and professional based around an existing logo design fir a venture capital and management company Stationary pack needs to include: Corporate Letterhead for External use (word doc) Corporate letterhead for internal use (word doc) Powerpoint templates to include Title slide, finish slide and middle slide that details color scheme for dot points, graphs and text (ppt format) Docs can utilize full logo, image only or slogan only on second pages to decrease the room taken up in the header space. Business Cards required also in EPS and JPG format using existing color scheme of logo, cards to be solid color on the back with slogan "only results matter" Need to be professional size of 90x55mm.

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  • Hi DM, I require another simple document refined that I already have the 85% complete. IT is a parts request form however I would like it tidied up and finished off to the standard that I expect as well as the addition of some smart functions and drop down menus. This will need to be done in Adobe Acrobat ofcourse, let me know if you are interested and I will start a new one -on- one project. Rgds Joel
    • Hi, Can you please let me know if you will be entering anything in this event? Otherwise I will need to contact another designer. Rgds Joel

  • Please do. Any examples will give me a better idea...thank you.
    • I have just uploaded a zip file of a document that will assist in understanding what my expectations are.

  • Hi Joel, Yes, I will be submitted files today. I just started yesterday as work was pretty busy this past week. You will have the majority of files by tomorrow morning. I have one questions about the power point and word you just want .png file that you can use for that? Please advise. thank you, DM
    • Hi DM, I require the word document in a .doc format so it is ready to use in microsoft word and the powerpoint in a .ppt file for the same reason. I can up load some samples if you like? Rgds joel

  • Joel, how do I upload the zip file? It will only let me submit jpegs or png zip files.
    • Hi, I am not sure. Other designers have done it for me in the past? I just drop all files into a ZIP and then upload via the link?

  • Any response DM? Are you nearly finished?
    • You will have it zipped today after I get off work.

    • Appreciated.

  • Hi Joel, I just Uploaded the zip file....... Thanks DM
    • Dreamerme, Are you honestly joking me with the files you have provided?? There is absolutely no creativity in the power point, word document or business card at all. I could of done what you have done in less than 10 minutes. All you have done is taken the designs which I provided you and replaced the logos, with the exception of the poor business card design you have put forward. You have not even bothered to change the 'dot point' colors on the power point from the one I provided you. If this is the best work you can do I will be contacting design contest and there will be no way that you receive the prize money, I cant believe you even had the hide to ask for more money to only put this rubbish forward and after taking so long to do it.

  • i think I have to win the contest first, and then one of the steps before you finalize is me uploading the zip file.
    • Ok we will try that. Thanks.

  • i think I have to win the contest firs, and one of the steps before you finalize is me uploading the zip file.
  • Dear CH please provide some details to put on Business Card or give a reference that where i can take it. thanks
  • Dear Ch, please check my designs letterhead & visiting Card appreciated feedback thanks also please send me Visiting Card Detail thanks
  • hi joel1 CH. i hope you fine i will send to you designs as soon as possible thanks best regards babar786
    • Thanks babar, appreciated. I look forward to reviewing them.

  • Hi Joel, I cannot see comments any longer....did this go from a one on one to a contest? DM
  • looking good, is it possible to make the logo any bigger? do you have any submissions for the rest of the stationary?
    • Thanks for comments Yes I can bigger if I will use your logo in portrait not in landscape. Do you want to see like this.

    • Yes I will provide also letter head and envelope designs.

  • Hi guys, some really great designs. I love the black/green business cards. The printed background for the external letters is fantastic to Rajagee, however could we have something a little simpiler also for the times when pre printed paper is not available. I would like to see some more general stationary and powerpoint designs from all designers aswell.
  • Thanks for Feedback sir you want only visiting card 1st ?
  • some great designs rj! welldone.
  • Dear CH, Please provide feedback, then submit more designs according to requirments. Thanks
  • Dear CH, please check my new variety of designs i hope you like my new ideas again appreciated feedback thanks
  • Dear CH, Please check it my 1st entry #23 in your contest and feel free for any changes, feedback will be very appreciated for me. Regards Salman khan
  • @Dear Contest Holder : Please,extend this contest. thank you.