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Winning design #21 by skk83, Graphic Design for Local Branding Splash Page Contest
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designed by skk83

Project description

Hello Designers, We're looking for a great design for a new splash page. If we like your work, more work may follow! Here's the criteria: Headline/Title of company: “Local Branding Company” Objective: Grab and hold our target audiences attention and entice them to submit their contact information to apply for enrollment into Local Branding Company The Single Most important message: Local Branding Company was founded on the idea that personal achievement is deserving of recognition, exposure, and reward. Format: landing page Target Audience: 25 - 50 year old English speaking professionals Tone & Manner: informative . It should both direct response and brand focused. Main Copy: "Welcome to Local Branding! We're here to promote you and your business! With a decade of experience promoting large and small business's like you, you're in good hands with Local Branding! Free evaluation of your profile information to see if you qualify to be listed in our registry!" Supporting Rationale: Your Own Webpage Listing in our Registry National Network Accomplished Professionals Searchable Registry Award of Recognition   Copy Points to be included: -Accomplishment Recognition! -Instant Credibility -Grow your network and business -Strengthen your career or business -Discounts from other registered businesses -Free to Join Required Elements: -Strong headline -Call to action -A picture of/for the targeted audience. Form with the following criteria: *First Name: *Last Name: Email Address: *ZIP: Company Name: Job Title: Type of business: *Mobile Phone: *Business Phone Optional Elements: Section for an embedded video Thanks, and Good Luck!

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  • hi! I need to know the size of your splash page, please also tell that you like light shaded theme of dark. thanks
  • dear CH I am ready and available for comments, notes and full adjustments for your requirements, until and after the contest ends.
  • My design is more focused on hot spots on the page which people take at first glance by the way. positioning on the eye focus details is a knowledge and how to bring focus from first time viewing of something is brought into play. A thought of when you first looked at the page is brought into play here! #1
  • why you all copying my concept with the text and play buttons place holders?, the CH's brief is a very lets say "brief"
  • Hi Contest holder, I am unsure in what I have understood from your brief is correct and the copies of my understanding that followed from my fellow designers (copiers), all places and positions have been integrated into the splash page at positions which are implemented in your order, I have often done many splash pages for marketing initial ideas such as yours and have always become a successfully paid marketeer against people who copy designs and do not get to the market fast enough with their designs, I am unique and can offer many images from my imagination to your branding and promotional needs, the blocks can be ordered and positioned at your disposal, this is simple task for me and my unique way of orderly marketing. I feel for the people that have followed my unique way time after time and have got it wrong (copying and not being unique) anyhow let me know if you need a unique talent and understanding to your business needs. Kind regards.
  • Hello CH, I have just submitted #2. I used a sleek, minimalistic, professional theme with neutral colors as per your requirements towards various business types. I can add more colors to it if you think it is lacking them; or change whatever else you want modified. Without a business name or type, it is tough to guess a good color scheme to use. I can also give the page more breathing room and negative space if you would not mind a scrolling splash page (one that extends below and you would need to scroll down to see all of). I look forward to working with you further on this project.
  • For confidentiality reasons, you can just go with "Local Branding Company" as the title on the page. We are hoping to hire the winner for more freelance work! The only adjectives I can think would be, "business professional". I'm thinking a page that could be used for various business types... so keep that in mind for the color scheme)
  • ok do have a name that I could work with, and any other brands that you think have the right feel for your company If you would be interested I could work with you on a one to one basis to help you develop a brand that is right for your company if you'd like? Regards Prendy
  • No preexisting branding, we're new! We also don't have any particular color scheme. That's why we're looking for good ideas!
  • Do you have any pre exsisting branding such as logo and colour scheme that could be used for this?
  • Sorry, didn't notice your question! The page should not be large. It should be just large enough to fit all of our criteria. A light shaded theme of dark? I'm not sure what that means but we wouldn't be interested in grayscale.
  • hi ch can you attached the sample of splash page that you like?
  • Hello dear John Guad! Would you mind to give each of us more feedback, so we could know if we are on the right track, and we could improve our designs for you. Kind regards. Babba
  • More than happy to do that for you, unfortunately i've run out of submission slots so could you give my designs a rating over 30 so that I can upload the changes. many thanks Liam
  • @ Liam for #11 and #12. I like where your going but do me a favor. -Remove the navigation bar on the top. (It's only a landing page, we don't want anyone going to a full website to distract them from signing up) -Remove the sign-in bar right below that too. One sign up button is enough. Now stretch out the rest of the page into the free space you made. If feels too crowded. -Replace all those different photos with just one photo. It simplifies the message. Optional: An area for "as seen on, CNBC, Reuters, CNN
  • We are trying to start fresh and get away from previous pages that we liked. So no, I'm afraid I don't have a good example for you. We've put another 7 days on this contest and updated the brief, take a look!
  • I think many of you should read this article to help with a more modern style: http://unbounce.com/landing-page-examples/built-using-unbounce/beautiful-landing-page-design-examples/
  • Could you get rid of the Giant triangle on the top? How about you move the video to the bottom and the main copy (with the guys in suits) to a more prominent position? Perhaps put it where the left box is and but that box up against the right-most form? Add a spot for, "As seen on: CNBC, Reuters, Yahoo News"
  • Hmmm, I'm thinking that this one is way to o busy looking for what we are going for. Thanks though!
  • Dear Ch, please check my new entry and appreciated feedback thanx