Logo & Large Awning for Natural Health Clinic

I had a very good experience. A majority of the designers listened to what I wanted and submitted some fantastic designs within the parameters of our request. The only negative part was that I didn't read all the fine print and extended the contest a couple times because I didn't know I had an additional week AfTER the contest was over to tweak the design with the winner. I admit that was my fault for not reading it thoroughly, but also maybe they could make that a little more prominent. Overall a great experience and we got a fantastic new logo! Thanks!!!

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Winning design #198 by sankaridewari, Graphic Design for Logo & Large Awning for Natural Health Clinic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sankaridewari

Project description

Primarily need is to update LOGO for holistic multidiscipline therapy center This clinic does things like naprapathy, physical therapy, holistic nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy, tai chi, educational meetings, etc. We thought you might as well throw in ideas for our 4 small awnings as well for a few more bucks since it is essentially based on the same logo - but logo is urgent and primary. Our current logo has been criticized for looking too complex and medical - you can find our website at www.lakeshorewellness.com and will try to include original. Some have called it too complex, others "Halloweenish" in appearance due to the internal organs shown - thus the NEW LOGO was are seeking is a VERY CLEAN, BOLD, UNIQUE new logo based almost exclusively on the initials of our clinic's name as this is how we will refer to this center: LIH Since the name of clinic is Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare = the letters "LIH" will be simple branding - maybe even piquing someone's interest due to uncertainty of the meaning of the letters! Colors should include background of orange (maybe somewhere around FF812 or FF912)as this is similar to our interior accent color. We are thinking very bold, modern, has a wow-factor that catches people's attention immediately and makes them immediately feel comforted, secure, and trusting but also very exclusive. Some ideas we've thought of are maybe a very simple oval around the LIH initials, but adding some twist that includes something either medical or preferably a holistic feel. We also have 4 smallish awnings (two are 5' and two are 6') and a verticle banner around 3' tall. We will also be updating our website soon ... but that is another contest for another time! Will try to upload the current logo and the current dilapidated old awnings and verticle banner we plan to replace soon.

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  • Hello again CH! I just uploaded different variations of the logotype so you can see different ways to use it: #10. I hope you like it! if anything, please let me know. I'm plenty of good ideas. bye!
  • Hello CH! I made a logo for you in which the symbol is a heartshaped lotus flower, the idea is to represent trough the visual image of your center: equilibrium, natural health, and a place were people will find care and good treatment. As a result the logotype appears in a clean and simple way looking highly readable and attractive. Thanks!! take a look #8. :)
  • #7 sorry the d should be an H instead! New coming here #9 !
  • Hello Contest Holder. Can you make this contest blind.That's the way you get more diferent original creative ideas not same or similar. :) Thank you.
  • I am number four. Blue is orange's complimentary color, so the scheme was blue, orange, and white! The square on the end of the H turns the H into a medical cross. Any feedback is appreciated!
  • Ch, could you made this contest blind? for improve our quality and originality concept. thank you
  • Hi, I am #77. I am submitting another design with the grey background. As for the stick figure/leaf/I, I put four different options in the bottom for you to choose from. Pick whichever works best for you and I will incorporate that into my design. My new submission number is 107.
  • Hi CH, I uploaded a new design for you #98, and i hope you like it :)
  • Hi CH thanks for an estimation of my work! I represent updated version #97, with more light background - black 80 % and a small substrate under logo - black 100 %. Thanks!
  • Thanks for submission. We would like the graphic to be somehow incorporated with LIH as the LIH is our brand
  • Thanks for submission! We want to keep with orange, white and dark gray. Thanks!
  • Thanks for submission! The lines on the graphic over the "I" is a little too unbalanced - looks a little messy. Would like to add color dark gray to any submission
  • We like this - but wonder if the graphic could be more simple and nix the heart and incorporate it into the inside of the circle instead of outside of it -- also add some dark gray?
  • Thanks for submission! A little too feminine for us. Would prefer bolder and incorporate a border and color dark gray into it too
  • Thanks for the submission! We are 50/50 on this. We understand the reason for the food, but it makes us look more focused on nutrition than medicine. Can we tweak the graphic? Can we add some dark gray contrast? We want to keep with orange, gray, and white if possible
  • Can we see this with a dark gray background
  • We like this - wonder if we can make the font more in capitol letters and the background more dark gray?
  • One of our favorite. Not exactly sure if the font can be tweaked a little bit and dark gray instead of black as contrast background?
  • Thanks for this submission - the font and border make this a little difficult to clearly see if it is just a graphic or if there are letters in there. Plus we want to incorporate a dark gray too.
  • Nice and bold! We would like the contrast to be more of a dark gray than this dark. Overall we like it, but needs some small flourish added somehow ... not sure