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Winning design #115 by uyoxsoul, Graphic Design for Logo and product icons Contest
Gold Medal

designed by uyoxsoul

Project description

What we need is 2 logos and 8 products:
The logos:
- one logo (width = height), logo only
- one logo in landscape with company name.

The products combined with 8 services:
1 - design, design a program / dataflow / workflow / barcode. Financial, make a quotation / invoice / cashflow.
2 - analyze Interpreting data, read from database into graph, amounts and profit (Euro sign, no dollar).
3 - data collect and input, collect data and insert into database.
4 - convert and output, redesign / convert, format data into new data, convert databases (as in Pervasive to MSSql or MDB into MySql)
5 - (on-line) support Webcam, keyboard, chat, headset
6 - (on-site) training Teach customers how to use the product.
7 - create / deliver Make / create a product and deliver in a box to the customer, deliver to doorstep
8 - create / deliver / set-up Make / create a product and deliver, unpack, connect to power and network and set-up

If figures are used then from head to toe or only torso.All figures must have the same size (like the Lego figures).
All figures/products have a badge/cap/shirt/car/letter/box with the company logo.
Minimal products resolution 225x225 dpi but they should be recognizable at 75x75 dpi

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  • Hi infobits, I submitted this one as the logo with company name. But I really wanted to see if you liked the colors. I was going for the matrix green and black look. Let me know if you want different colors. Thanks! =)
  • #8 by yinyang : The i for information is nice but can be information for traintimetable and ... (see also my earlier comments on #4 and #5) #9 by vinukmoha : dont get the meaning for the power On-Off button and don't like the colors #10, #11 and #12 by dansheva : dont't like the colors and shape #13 and #14 by DESIGNKB : I like the shape of 14 and the 010101 of 13 but not the colors. #15 and #16 by DESIGNKB : I like the colors but don''t like the magnifying (detective) glass. For all entries: What I mis is some connection to computerdata. The letters IB don't need to be big in the logo. In fact they can also be represented by a shape. For example the data container icon as I and a round line as B. See my example: The B from Brush wellman or the red naughtybit 'thing' with arrow that somewhat looks like a datacontainer and a mirrored b.
  • sorry about text error : here's the right one designKB
  • Infobits, It's pleasure to participate in your contest. Thank you very much for the opportunity. In our suggestion, the logo pretty much speaks for itself and that's absolutely wonderful. As you can see, we came up with the famous info. symbol along with a little "bite" (byte), in reference to your company's name. We would love to be part of your growth. Let's grow together! All the best,
  • One design allowed per entry unless requested by CH. http://www.designcontest.com/other-design/logo-and-product-icons/entry/4/report
  • #4 by Cherilyn: I like the colors and the font, it looks strong #4 by Cherilyn and #5 by Tinachendesign: The logo part can be any company, the blue arrow with green can be a eco recycling company, the red flame can be a fire extinguisher. #7 by Carolinahdzz: The logo part is clearly connected to the company name and can be used as stand alone logo. It also can be used as lid on a datacontainer (database store icon). But it looks more a electronic than a software/data company.
  • sorry, typo has been corrected. many thanks. carolinahdzz
  • dear CH here's my logo proposal #6 , i'll submit the icons set later on thanks, Carolina
  • Hello, I have replaced the "O" with your logo but you can also place it in front of your company name. I will load the product icons you asked for separately. Best, Tina
  • Hi infobits Here is a few more just to see if you like the ideas. =)
  • I don't like the colors, i'd like them to be more 'fresh'. Also the logo with name shouled be in landscape. Did you look at the examples I uploaded?
  • Dear CH, Here's my logo proposal #60 , i'll submit the icons set later on. Thanks, happigolaki
  • hie, can u tell me what can i change in logo color and direction
  • dear CH here's a re design of the first logo i made, it's more generic and colorful. i've also added the 8 icons, they can be whether into the sphere or not, only with the shadow or with colorful background such as in icon 5 or in gray tones. thanks, Carolina H.
  • #45 the basic idea is similar as #46 but the dots becomes into 3d
  • #46 : the IB initial made from a set of solid dots with 2 contrast color combination. the background with a grid becomes as a track line to assembly all the dots into a design form. my opinion, this IB initial alone logo have a strong and a clear stands out logo. about the color, blue known as a high technology standard color and the orange is a warm and friendly color. the duo combination of a friendly and a high technology company.
  • HI CH, I have done color variations for #22 & #23 as per requested blue and green variations. Allowed only upload #57 & #58. Thanks.
  • I know I asked for more color but these are a almost psychedelic. Can you try blue and green (see colors in examples). Can you change the direction of the arrow.
  • Lose the 'datastructures', perhaps replace with line with one end arrow and other and dot as in the B. Remove / replace the background. I also like to see some other colors. Somehow all the designs only have blue color.
  • #30 and # 35: Like the idea but the shape is flat and low contrast.