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Winning design #19 by danii, Graphic Design for Logo + packaging for DaySave : Hangover Patch Contest
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designed by danii

Project description

We are looking for a logo, package design and 2 –sided 4”x6” flyer design. We have a website with the branding style we want the logo and package design to be consistent of (See links below). The product is called “DaySave” and it is a hangover patch. You apply the patch to your skin before you go out drinking and it slowly releases vitamins and minerals that you lose while drinking. Our target demographic is males and females between 21 and 40 whom drink. Logo: The logo should have “DaySave” in it and can also have “Hangover Patch” incorporated as well. It can have illustrations on it or just be crisp. What we are really looking for is a logo that will mix well with both our website and the packaging design. Home Page link http://amandabrauer.com/clients/daysave/9_2/daysave.html Flyer: The 4”x6” flyer comes along with the product when it is mailed so we would like it to be informative. Include the information from the how-it-works on one side. How it works information for 4x6 http://amandabrauer.com/clients/daysave/9_11/daysave_works.html Packaging: The powerpoint in the link below shows the die line that you can build your design on. It also has some information on there that is important such as the FDA disclosure. The directions can be words but I would really like to see an illustration of a man or woman silhouette with a patch on them. So directions in illustration form. Die-line http://www.daysavepatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/DaySave_Pgk_gfx_design.pptx Packaging concept http://www.daysavepatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Packaging_Concept.png

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  • Only one design allowed per entry. http://www.designcontest.com/other-design/logo-packaging-for-daysave-hangover-patch/entry/2/report
  • Designers: mockups are allowed as well as shown on different packaging
  • I understand that there is just one design per entry allowed but the brief asked for logo, flyer and package design. I thought that all 3 came as part of the same design proposal. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  • I would like to see something more like entry #2 when it comes to the packaging design.
  • This does not give me the feel of the daysave product. It looks a little too corporate. We want to push for a healthy, all natural type feel.
  • Per my comment on #1 i would like to see you change up the guy with the leaves behind him
  • I like your #4 entery better. I think the logo of the guy with the leaves behind him might need some work. It looks a little cartoony
  • dear client the front is the outside of packaging
  • dear cleint Will you be open to another packaging design with flyer and logo. I am currently puting a design together. I would lke to get to some experience in packaging design and I am learning alot
  • The colors and look and feel is not what we are looking for. Please go for something less like medicine and more elegant/crisp
  • This looks great and is the direction we are looking for. I would like more crisp of a logo like #6/#7. THis logo and the 100% natural font looks more like a soap container. So please make it more elegant and crisp. I really like the silouette of the guy with the patch and the color patterns you used. Do you have other silouettes of people you can test out? This one is good but I wanted to see what other types would look like (such as a happy silhouette). I would really like to see a revision. Thanks P.S. i apologize for the deletion. Design contest.com accidentally deleted this so i had to have them post it back again.
  • can you do the packaging design with this logo? The template is in the brief.
  • koalakev - We are not looking at new packaging designs. Sorry
  • There is a template i have in the brief that i would like the designers to use for the packaging. This is the wrong direction.
  • This is very informative but i cant see it grabbing a customers attention in the store and selling the product.
  • The writing is too plain and does not convey the DaySave theme.
  • The 100% natural looks great, so does the silhouette of the girl. I would like to see the D & S capital on "DaySave" in the logo. I would also like the little square removed on the top right of the logo. The overall design looks great, can you do the other mock ups like your first posting with this style. Thanks!
  • #19 congrats on winning! Can you add "2 pack" or "2 pk" to the front of the packaging design only? it looks like there is room on the top left. Also, i love the guy and girl silhouette but was wondering how it would look with the guy holding the beer below the girls drink. So lowering his arm would be the only change to it. Thanks!
  • We are almost there with this one. Two things i would like to see in a revision tho 1) can you put the website on the packaging and the flyer 'www.daysavepatch.com' 2) Can we try a revision with this girl silhouette and a guy silhouette holding a beer? I have recieved some feedback saying that a guy looking at the packaging may assume it is just for girls. I know there is limited realestate but maybe the guy could be behind the girl or on the otherside of the packaging. definitely keep the "fun look" of the silhouette. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, my revision using Packaging concept at http://www.daysavepatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Packaging_Concept.png Thanks