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Thanks a lot for this great platform. Nice to have. All the best. C.

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Winning design #87 by Airb0rn, Graphic Design for LOGO refresh in better quality/higher resolution Contest
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designed by Airb0rn

Project description

Dear designContest Team I do have a LOGO under www.dubonvin.ch (wine cork is not part of the LOGO -o only WHITE/CREAM/PURPLE cubes) and would like to keep it but need a refresh. I do have the copyright as I did it by myself. The refresh should be: - better quality - higher resolution (use for dispay 120m long) - better colour contrast (part "vin" not very clear to read with dark purple). TRUE TYPE used: ODESSA LET plain sharp I also can deliver raw data in .psd Thanks for proposal. Claudio

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  • Dear CH , #6 my entry. my submitted format is 640 x 480 pixels-jpeg-300 dpi(as per DESIGN contest guidelines) If I will be chosen I will upload to you the correct size and resolution. Thank you.
  • Dear Ch Color and fonts can be changed or not? with regards abhi
  • Dear CH, I upload #28 and #29, both logos are in high quality, but I can't upload large files here, so I had to resize it. Therefore on this websites isn't quality so good as my original remakes of your logo. Original remakes are made as vector files, if you want to do some changes, it's not a problem. Thanks you, Shaliwen
  • HI CH.. I upload my revision with the webpage background plz see #18 and #19.i think it is fit with your webpage background. thank you
  • The background colour of the webpage will remain. In your eyes do these two colours fit?
  • Hi, Like here the deeper colour, would prefer from your #17 the two thinner cercles.
  • Dear Designers, I want to keep the font. Colour could be slightly changed into to less flashing colours and fitting to the webpage background. Colour yello - reminds white wine Colour purple - reminds red wine Font colour I like to have not a hard black - therefore dark brown was chosen. Thanks, C.
  • About #11: I remade your logo for you site into a all vector logo. I made the font for the colored squares white. And I changed the first white box into a light grey. I added a nice gradient radial fade to all the boxes besides the one with the korks. And also added a light to dark color gradient to all the colored boxes also. Just to make them all pop and make the wording stand out. With the korks image I took it into photoshop and added some effects to it to make it stand out more then. I added it into illustrator and then converted it all to vector. I hope you like and if you would like anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hi x2designs, Your idea to have a shadow of a bottle is a good idea - I ask myself if not too much info in the logo. But colours are hitting. Should be much discreeter. br C.
  • hello CH , Here's my new design #49 It's posible to change background of site to accommodate with the rest. I think so. It's very simple that.
  • Thanks to all till now. Nice proposals but colours are too LOUD for me. I like the following if someone wants to go into it: WHITE: CMYK 0 0 0 0 YELLOW:CMYK 0 2 38 0 PURPLE:CMYK 0 93 52 72 DOUBLE CIRCLE: 0 0 12 39 or better matching gradient TRUE TYPE: CMYK: 0 36 42 81 CENTER OF EACH COLOUR FIELD : brightened for better reading - especially purple
  • OK, understand. Brighter center for better reading good. Colours too bright. Should be descreeter - especially the yellow.
  • Here's my design #44 I don't know why, but the image is cropped. The real size is 2 490x830 px
  • and also u can export the file whatever you want(ai.photoshop,eps,jpg,png..etc) and you can enhance the size whatever you want because it is a vector files..thank you
  • hi ch. i upload new #92 a vector files(source files).and very high resolution..
  • So,... I would do in this size in this case !!!...
  • Hi at the end it is meant for a display 120cm long and so it should be top resolution. A vector file makes all much easier.
  • 2490x830px but I can make it even more large if you wish
  • ALSO ITS is a vector files.. AND IT CAN FORM IN ANY SIZE..THANK YOU.........