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Winning design #62 by morabira , Graphic Design for London Skyline Vector File Format Contest
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designed by morabira

Project description

IMPORTANT. The contest will be closing earlier than planned. We believe that we have received sufficient number of high quality designs and we would like to start a poll for the top designs on the forums to determine the 3 winners. If you are still working on your idea, please, submit it as soon as possible.

It's July and nearly time for the Olympics 2012! In celebration of this momentous event, we'd like you to design your own vectors of the London Skyline. No clipart or third party images are allowed in this contest, including no redrawn photographs. We really want complete originality so as always we urge you to be as creative and inspired as you possibly can! Go wild and really challenge yourself so you can give yourself a chance to learn something new. Although we want no clip art, don't forget that London has many recognizable buildings and you can use them within your composition. We are looking for a vector file format that: portrays London's rich history and magnificent architecture symbolise this sporty International celebration without using the Olympic logo or any other third party image or elements that are the copyright of the Olympic committee. reflects your personal style Winners will receive prizes, as follows: GOLD - $75 SILVER - $50 BRONZE - $25 We hope you enjoy the contest.

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  • hi CCCH, i need feedback of my entry #4 pls thanks.
  • #3 design pop, modern, colorific, and simple not complex vectors i hope like you..
  • This is so much fun! I like the selection of colours too. :)
  • Please don't use the Olympics Logo.
  • hi ccch, pls disregard my entry # 4. i just posted another entry # 6, and im glad to hear feedback in this entry thanks
  • The skyline is repeated within the flames. (The flames of the Olympic torch is a repetition of the London Skyline.) Sorry, I was just trying to step outside the box.
  • This one doesn't look like a vector.
  • Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments! (◕‿◕✿)
  • hi ccch, i just posted my entry # 17 your feedback is very much appreciated.
  • hi, i just posted my design #25 and #26, feedback please? :)
  • maybe LONDONGROUND ........................................
  • thnks CH, I thought to write OVERGROUND instead of this, but .... After a saw that OVERGROUND is Railway
  • Such a clever use of the London Underground sign. Great concept.
  • This is REALLY original. Well done. Love your work.
  • It's true...rain, rain, rain! Nice bus. :)
  • This is great too. Simple. Colorful....and very accurate with that rain cloud!
  • About #31 Really nice design................ good luck
  • Thanks master resurepus for making my design as one of you fav. Yeah, I support your idea of not to steal. It is really bad practice. Although once Pablo Picasso said "Bad artist copy, great artist steal", but we designers need to draw that line between copying and stealing.
  • About #13, then I "option-dragged" to repeat the skyline.
  • About #13, yes I am sure. Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. That is how the whole piece was created.