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Winning design #66 by InfiniteDesign, Graphic Design for Lucky Enough Contest
Gold Medal

designed by InfiniteDesign

Project description

The design will appear on the transom of a yacht, clothing, towels, boat "business" cards handed out to fellow boaters, etc. Lucky icons in the boating world include the North Star (found at the top of the compass rose on a chart), anchors and sea horses. There may be more.

The color of the yacht transom is white, but the accent color on the hull is called blue steel metallic by Sea Ray. Model is the L650 Fly.
Inspiration for the boat name comes from a song by Scott Kirby if you're lucky enough to live on blue water, you're lucky enough by me.
Added along the bottom on the transom only will be the hailing port "Nokesville VA". This will not be on the logo used on clothing, etc. Please suggest font for hailing port to coordinate with the boat name/logo.

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  • Lucky Enough Logo #81
  • How about the creative design?
    Includes : yacht, star, blue water (sea waves), heart (luck enough to live/survive), anchor. :)

    Waiting for your suggestions. #77
  • Hope you will like it. #76
  • feedback me please #68 , #69 , #70
  • using MS word to look for fonts I like Bradley Hand ITC and Segoe (both print and script) I don't like the L's in Lucida calligraphy or in your example B your other examples are too far to simple. I guess the font I'd go for would be "casual simple" #59
  • love tangling the E and anchor add rope try stacking Lucky over Enough #37
    • About #37, @kcole
      I did a stacked one, hope you like it! My stacked and unstacked logos could always be used in conjunction– the wide one on a hat and the stacked one on a shirt, you get the idea. I think I like the stacked one better on the boat!

  • straighten the rope try a knot in the middle or at both ends. delete circles behind star #43
  • there is too much here. maybe deleting the wheel and horizontal lines. perhaps moving the compass rose to be behind the name. #5
  • change anchor. make banner bigger relative to the anchor misspelled Enough - delete t #30
  • delete banner. shrink anchor. find a more accurate anchor. this one is too 'artistic' #6
  • try other fonts. I would like to have something at the ends of the rope, but not sure what it should be. #4
    • @kcole Hi, I did the changes you told me, I did 4 versions of font to you tell me which one you like more, anyway if you saw a font in google or something you are free to show it to me and we can use it. You can see the updated logo here #59

  • I used 5 stars and tangled the anchor and letter together, i ope you like it! :) #57
  • I used 5 stars and tangled the anchor and letter together, i ope you like it! :) #56
  • delete seahorses don't replace L with the anchor. tangle them together. or tangle the anchor with the E in Enough #33
  • misspelled Lucky - change h to k. figure out something to deal with the end of the rope. #20
  • don't like font or seahorse use lower case letter after first letter #19
  • use of stars is good. 5 stars would be great reference to our family of 5. anchor quality is very poor. needs to be accurate and more detailed. change font. #13
  • delete seahorses. I like the star at the end. It is similar to the Naval Academy logo. #10
  • delete seahorse. like integrating the anchor with a letter, but don't make it the letter. Tangle the anchor and letter together. #9
  • correct misspelling (showing "h" should be "k" in Lucky). extra rope curls on top, don't look good. #45