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Winning design #20 by rosario2020, Graphic Design for Mama Zora's Contest
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designed by rosario2020

Project description

Mama Zora’s Meat & Veggie Snacks are made from high quality, grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, and either cheese or dried fruit (for the “Paleo” crowd). The result is a very healthy, all-natural savory snack that tastes great and, because it’s high in natural-source protein, the energy-release is very slow and stable. Thus, after eating, one "feels full” longer without the sugar-high-and-crash of typical snack bars. Mama Zora and her family eat her snack bars before, during and after sports or other activities, which satisfies hunger between means and gives them energy that lasts. She feels good about feeding the family "real food” without processed sugar or chemical additives. For this DesignContest, please create a package for the snack bar. The complete package will be light cardboard box of dimensions 4" x 3" x 1". Please design for the product, "Beef & Veggie Snack Bar"; also provide one or more designs for the three flavors we'll be offering ("Cheesy", "BBQ", or "Sweet-n-Spicy"); and also include the brand name, "Mama Zora". The company Website will be: Please don't include a full-size picture of the actual product -- the photo is part of the brief only for your (the designer) information only! Please add the following tagline/features: “Real Food — Mama Approved" and All natural, low glycemic, high-protein, low-sugar gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free, nut-free, gmo-free! Contains grass-fed free range beef with: no hormones, no antibiotics, no nitrites. Also add or leave room for the nutrition (sample attached) and ingredient list: 100% grass-fed beef, fresh organic veggies (tomato, red bell pepper, kale), organic parmesan cheese, organic apricots, olive oil, spices (paprika, basil, sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper). Feel free to include pictures of ingredients and/or a picture or likeness of Mama Zora (photo attached). Thank you!!

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  • please give us the high resolution images of you're product
    • I'm not sure I understand what you want -- the "product" doesn't really exist yet -- but I just uploaded an image of the actual ingredients and a prototype of the finished snack bar. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else. -M.Z.

    • Thank you for you're response will work on you're project. regards krishdesigns

  • We like this one... but the brand/logo doesn't pop out at you... It almost looks like the brand name is the name of the product (Cheesy Meat & Veggie Snack) -- rather than the "brand", which is Mama Zora.
    • Thank you for your corrections, I've understood them and I'm goin to change my design accordingly. I would love my work to look bright and light, easy to look at, causing pleasant and light emotions, that's how I see it now, but if you have any other notes I would love to hear them. For now I'm going to make the following changes: make the name of the product smaller and make a new logotipe, a more noticeable one and without a crown. But according to the site rules I can only submit one more work to the competition, that's why I would like to get as much feed back as possible, to make all the nessessary corrections at once.

  • Do like the "veggie-box" metaphor for the container... not sure how the corinthian columns and crown connect, though...
  • Would rather see the brand top-left, as that's the first thing the consumer is likely to read -- the brand needs to be primarily reinforced before the product name (which is Cheesy Meat & Veggie Snack). Also the "real food" and "mama approved" can be much smaller elements...
  • new entries are a step in the right direction! Still waiting for something to "jump out at me" -- remember, we'll be located on a shelf with many other brands; ours needs to "pop" out at the customer to get their attention! I'll increase the "loudness" slider!
  • The Mama Zora logo is nice... but the picture of the actual meat-product does not! Better would be a likeness of the ingredients before they're formed into a snack bar. ;)
    • Thank you for the feedback! This #4 should be better! About the logo, the face have been changed in vector, so it can be used for the web page or Print, Merchandise, Signs, Television... Thank you!

  • The first design shows a picture of the "product" -- I don't think it looks very appetizing. Much better would be to show the real veggies/ingredients going in... I will post another photo of a "veggie box" that would be much more pleasant to look-at! ;)
  • Design elements are good... but we would prefer healthy/brighter/happier colors than black. Thanks!!
    • Dear CH, I made changes you requested. Updated designs are #9 and #10. Thank you

    • About #13 Hello, I change packaging box design to the one which is easier to fold in and open. Thanks

  • Hi tabin68, my idea is #11, some feedback for this product, I am open for colors, elements... Thanks, krisdesign
  • Hi CH! As you are online, can you take a look to my personal portfolio to see my changes?
  • I think we would rather have a happy/healthy/brighter color than black. Thanks!!
  • Hello Designers, The entries are looking promising! One more thought/realization: When we start the product name with, "Cheesy Meat..." it sounds... uh, less than appetizing (sorry). Better we think now to rename the product, "Beef & Veggie Snack" and then to specify the flavor as, "Cheesy" -- note that there will be two other flavors: "BBQ" and "Sweet-n-Spicy", so we need to accommodate the other flavors.. Please let us know if this makes sense! :) -MZ
  • Hi CH! I made the changes u asked me to. I changed the color of the background, but I need you to see the changes in my Personal Portfolio since I have just one "submit" left for the contest: I'm waiting for feedback and other changes if you need anything else Thank you!
  • Dear CH, I've submitted entry #15 for your consideration, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers