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Project description

Robots Can Fly Productions is looking for an anime mecha designer to create 30 unique Mecha concept art for an unannounced game. The setting is a planet far from Earth where three factions exist. Two of these factions are human. The first faction of humans follows a strict, structured design ideology where form and name = function. Units of this faction are named after bladed Weapons. For example, the dagger unit is a fast attack suit with low armor but high mobility. The halberd is a long range unit with high attack potential. The Broadsword mech is heavily armored and armed but slow. The Caldabolg is a medium range commander unit with all around mobility much like a Gundam. The second faction is a coalition of city states. Each of these city states uses a unique type of mech. The mechs are named after greek and roman mythological beasts. The names follow a design pattern. For example, if a unit was named minotaur, you would expect the unit to have high attack power and defense and be heavily armored. If a unit was named harpy, you'd expect it to fly and have light armor and weapons that would allow it to harass enemies on a battlefield. The third race is a warlike alien civilization. This civilization spent years in cold sleep only to wake up to find humans colonizing their planet. The race resembles human beings except they are scaled around the joint areas of their body (head, neck, knees, elbows) and have piercing dragon like eyes. They are not vicious but respect strength above all else. The design for these mechs would be sleek and energy based. Their mechs are not piloted per se, but instead controlled by the willpower and mind of their pilots. Each make follows a design philosophy based on an element. Ice/fire/earth/wind/water. A mech that follows the water design is not necessarily a blue colored unit but instead, the design of the mech is sleek with no edges. We are looking for 3 grunt/fodder type units for each of the 3 factions as well as 6 special units for a total of 15 designs. NEO Units VA-Dagger- This is a lightweight unit, high mobility and range. Its speed is its key characteristic. Its main weapon is dual pistols. It can also fall back on melee daggers. If hit, this unit will likely suffer extreme damage. VA-Longbow- This unit is a long range, medium armor unit. It is meant to attack from afar and deal high damage, accurately. Its main weapon is a sniper rifle that fires anti-tank shells. It can also be equipped with a beam rifle. It has a visor that lowers when it switches into firing mode. It can also use mid-range assault weaponry but lacks any real close range weapons except for rockets that shoot from its shoulders to cover an escape. VA-Zweihander- The zweihander is a heavy assualt unit. It sacrifices its mobility for armor that is fixed to its arms and legs. The armor can be jettisoned to increase mobility.It carries a large assortment of mid range weaponry. Including a beam lance (The lance itself does not fire beams, it is engulfed in a beam much like a beam sword/saber) and a rocket launcher. Resembles a knight with shields suspended from his shoulders to cover his arms. And shields hanging from his torso to cover his legs. VAE-Caldabolg - The name Caldabolg is from Gaelic mythology. It is a sword that was said to have the power to cut the tops off mountains in a single slash. In thinking of the design for the unit, it needs to look like a mecha that has a hidden power. A tool that is already functional as a weapon yet still has “other” properties. In this case, the Caldabolg is the prototype for all of NEO’s lazite based mecha. The lazite reactor principles were stolen from unearthed Val technology. This means that the unit utilizes a system that feeds off of and is controlled by the pilots mental activity as well as their emotional state. If the pilot is angry, the unit gains strength in combat. If the pilot is afraid, the unit gains defense of evasive ability, etc. The Caldabolg is a mid-range fighter with all around good statistics for armor, defense, and evasion. The flow of the unit should, although a NEO unit, feel unique amongst the rest of them. It is a unit that is essentially a high powered blueprint for the second generation NEO units. Head The units head should resemble a gundam in a way. Use this as a base and find something that fits the rest of the design. Shoulders/arms/hands The unit has a flight mode where in which it transforms into a jet-type weapon. The jet does not have a “cockpit” in a typical sense. The unit’s cockpit is always stored in the chest. In this case, where the pilot would normally exist within a jet is split apart when in humanoid mode. This means that the left and right pauldrons also have an attached jet like shield. The unit’s forearms will have two small mounted gatling beam weapons. If you need inspiration for these look at the RX-78-04 and RX-78-05. You can also experiment with the fuselage/cockpit instead becoming a shield when in humanoid mode. Waist The unit should store either a small bladed weapon or a beam sword in the waist for close range combat. Flight The unit can fly in both humanoid and jet mode. In jet mode, the unit’s shoulder pauldron attached jet pieces recombine to form the cockpit and fuselage. The “wings” and “jetpack (you can use the same type of jetpack you used on the Gam)” form back together. The legs twist around at the waist and the armsfold back and behind the unit to allow for the cockpit/fuselage attached to the shoulders to connect. The head then turns 180 degrees around and is covered by the now combined fuselage/cockpit formed by the shoulder parts. The transformed form should look like a broadsword with an edged tip forming at the cockpit and ending at the feet. RoD Units VA-Gam - The Gam is a fodder unit. It is cheaply made but easily mass produced. It carries an assualt rifle, grenade launcher, and jagged edged sword. VA-Lord - This is a commander type unit. It has high mobility and can fly for short periods of time. It has wings and is most generally seen in black or red coloring. It is armed with an assualt rifle, and multiple small point beam weaponry that shoot off its arms and legs to converge on a single target. VA-Rank - The VA-Rank is a heavy long range assualt unit. The VA-Rank has beam cannon's for hands. Mounted on its shoulders are rocket pods. The Val Drak'ner- Think of any typical gundam unit, except its armor looks more like scales, it has the ability to fly and has a scaled tail capable of grabbing and throwing smaller units. This is an all around melee unit. The units hands are clawed, like a dragon. Sarkra- Head A pulled bad V will form the antennae for the head. The antenna should not be thin like normal mecha. Instead it should be fat, see the design for the Grungust’s head. The antennae should be crystals. Shoulder/arms/hands Each of the unit’s shoulders is attached to a large crystal jutting straight up in a 90 degree angle. The units elbow is tipped with a tetrahedronal crystal. The hands Chest The unit’s chest is tetrahedrenal. The tip of the chest that juts out from under the units head is crystal where beam weaponry can be fired from or focused into the units hands. Waist Feel free to try different concepts here until one fits. Legs The tips of its knees have a large jutting crystal coming straight out from them. It should have large legs to support its body, akin to the Dom from Zeon. Wings/Lift The unit is capable of short flight but it’s not produced from any sort of propulsion system. Instead the unit emits waves from two crystals jutting down towards the ground in a -60 degree angle behind the unit. The principle idea for the unit is to channel the energy of the lazite crystal combined with the pilot’s psychic energy to create blast waves and focused beam attacks. Lokan- The Lokan is the long range unit. Its chest can fire beam weaponry. It is equipped with a very organic rock looking axe weapon that functions as a gunblade type weapon. *Note* All units are bipedal. I've given you ten units and their descriptions. With the remaining 5 units, I'd like you as the designer to round out the different races and create 5 unique mechs for them. If you'd like, also include some form of writeup as to "why" you think they fit the design philosophy of the race/faction. If your designs are accepted you may be contracted for future work!!

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  • Do you want each mecha to be in vector format or just more like concept art? 30 mecha designs for $400 is heavily underpriced I think unless you want them to be very basic and quick concepts.
    • I've attached some images to help with the design we're looking for. As for the 30, yes it seems to be much. I'm going to reduce the number of required designs. We are mainly looking for a concept artist who can draw from a description. I'll be posting a few descriptions momentarily. Is there anything else you would require?

    • I've reduced the required number to 15. I've also included a write up to create 10 mechs from written concepts.

    • I am a concept artist and seeing the changes you made I will start with one design and we can go from there. I understand you want Gundam style mechas? Do you want these mechs to fit a realistic role and have a realistic style design and mechanics or more fantasy driven? If you like my work I would also be interested in future work as well. I have classes today but following those classes I will get started on some concepts for you.

    • When looking at NEO and RoD, those two factions (the human factions) have a more realistic role and real mechanics. RoD doesn't make their mecha directly instead relying on manufacturer's and as such their mechs should not fit a single design style. NEO on the other hand produces all of their own mecha, they are sharp looking and look like they come from a similar series. When looking at the Val, their mechs look and feel more organic, like pieces of nature are blended into them or their designs are based off of mythical beasts and strong predators. The Val's mechanics in this sense are more primal and they can communicate directly with their mecha using brain waves and raw emotion. (The val have teleportation technology (aka short jump), cryostasis, the ability to imprint emotions to machines, etc) So in short, RoD and NEO should have a realistic design, more form=function. While the Val should have a primal look and feel meets grand technology. And we'd love to pick up a concept artist on contract. If we like your work we will definitely show you more of the story.

    • Thanks for the feedback, that definitely helps. Should have the first design for you later today.

  • RoD VA-GAM Weilding a assault rifle with attached grenade launcher in one hand and a jagged edge sword in the other hand. The small shield on his left shoulder is used more of an insignia for markings/numberings of the mechas since there will be a large number of these guys, seems logical to me. The weapons here are very rough in design as the main focus is the mecha concept. I can always give you plenty of polished weapon concepts separately. For 15 designs @ $500 this will be about the quality (polished wise). I still think $500 is low considering this is laying down some of the foundation for your game, all original drawings, etc etc and worth a lot of work. This is my first time though drawing mechas but I have done a lot of similar work in the science fiction genre. I can clean these drawings up quite a bit and make them look more real but will have to ask for more in that case as that will eat up a lot more time. As I become more comfortable with drawing in this world, work will come faster and more accurate. If this is the type of work you are looking for then I will be happy to continue but if you want the mechas drawn up a different way or just not the artist you want, just let me know. thanks.
    • I do very much like the design. We also like how you used a mono-eye for the unit. Makes him feel very much like a zeon unit. At this point, the $500 is coming straight from our pocket. We are an indie studio. The concept art will be used to secure funding at which point we can afford to pay a concept artist (possibly you) more money to produce the mechs. I would very much like to see what you can do with a single Val and single NEO unit. Since this is our first time using design contest, we aren't exactly sure how it works. Do you submit a single design and then I judge the designer on that design and then join in a contract for the remainder?

    • I'm still pretty new myself to the website. I also chose to go with the grunt first because it gives you a base to build off of. I will certainly design you one more mecha from each faction to better give you a understanding of what I can come up with. If you do hire me as your artist I can also really go back into the concept and make some really nice pieces you guys can use to advertise yourselves. I am currently going to the Arts Institute to become a Video Game Artist so I know basics for 3D modeling and will now much more as I progress in school. I should have you atleast one more design tonight, thanks for your feedback.

    • We look forward to seeing more!

    • For the NEO, you may want to take a look at some of the Gundam designs from the Universal Century. They have fluted shoulders and are more humanoid.

    • Ok, I will check them out and have them influence the designs for the NEO classes. I will be designing the VA-Longbow and Drak'ner next because I already have ideas for those in my head.

    • For VA-Longbow you may want to look at the following:

    • Ok, I will be doing that one tomorrow. Submitted Drak'ner, let me know if that is the direction you are wanting to go with him. I figure that class could have more aesthetic features like the lights on Drak'ner which helps give them more of a animal feel I think.

    • I do think the lights follow the aesthetic of the Val. The head should be humanoid, ala a gundam head. The wings are also far too derivative of actual dragon wings. maybe a backpack with verniers on it instead?

  • Submitted RoD VA-Lord. I placed the small beam cannons on his forearms and besides his neck. I tried placing some on his legs but it didn't quite look right. If you still want them on his legs I will be sure to make the change.
  • I like what you've done with this one. The backpack/wings look great. The feet need a little work but that can be done when you are doing touchups.
  • Wow! You've really outdone yourself with this one. By far, the best one yet.
    • Awesome, just let me know if any changes need to be made.

    • The only suggestion again is to add a small propulsion system to his back so he can "jump". Most if not all non-flight capable mech should have this.

    • ok, will keep that in mind for future mechas and apply it to the ones already submitted.

  • The waist is perfect, the dimensions are great.He looks heavy and feels like a mecha with a heavy payload.
  • Ok, The VA GAM redesign submitted. This took me roughly 3 hours to really get this design looking nice and polished. It will take another 2 or so to color and texture him. Rough sketches usually take me one hour. So for one mecha to go through 2 rough sketches, and polished finished line drawing, and digital coloring and texturing you're looking at 7 hours per mecha. That's over 100 hours total, probably worth $1,500 and that's cheap for a concept artist because I know you guys are paying out of pocket to get your game rolling. So, if you cut out the digital rendering you're looking at about 4-5 hours per mecha from rough sketches to polished final line drawing. That's 60-75 hours, and I will settle for $500 because I want to support you guys and help you get what you want. Now I know you guys want your mechas to look like mechas that already exist but then you run into Copyright, so I will have my designs heavily influence by the designs you want me to base mine off of but I do still need to make a significant difference between the two so you guys don't get hit up for copyright. For now on, I will be submitting rough, quick sketches for each mecha design until you guys are happy with the final concept, then I will go back through and make a nice polished final line drawing. So to speed up this process and get designs out quicker, expect rough sketches to be submitted until final decisions have been made.
    • Absolutely. We appreciate the support. The mecha we suggest is just to get a feel for eastern mecha. There are two major types of mecha, RR and Super Robots. Real Robots being the type that gundams are, humanoid and with believable mechanics. Super Robots are the voltrons and transformers of the mecha universe. We do not want Super Robots. This is why we suggested looking at gundam. We appreciate it. Once we have a working prototype, we will go to kickstarter for funding and see if we can't increase our budget for the game.

  • This is alot better. A backpack for jumping (using boosters/small verniers) would round out and complete this. I really like it!
    • Ok, I will add those no problem since I really don't need to edit the drawing much.

  • The mono-eye and feet are great. The back area needs to be molded a little. The emphasis for these mechs is on the shoulders. To explain, look at an MS-GM or the Lancelot from Code Geass. The focus for those two mechs is on the shoulders having an armored look to them. The backpack is not fused to the mecha in those designs.
    • Ok, I will apply those changes and have them to you as soon as possible.

    • I will have you a redesign here for the VA-GAM with a much more polished design here momentarily.

    • Sounds great. If you don't mind me asking, do you go to an Art Institute in NJ or NY?

    • Arts Institute International @ Kansas City, KS. It's the highest rated one for the Video Game Arts Program.

  • The head needs to be changed to something humanoid looking. The wings look far too much like a jet engines wings. Trying experimenting with a thinner chest/waist area and a vernier backpack with wings. Please keep in mind, the units wings can also be made of energy. You may want to take a look at the talgeese III and Epyon mobile suits.
  • Just to let you know right now I'm going through these drawings and inking them where changes are not needed and adding lots of small details so you have a solid concept to base your design game off of. I have school most of tomorrow but will still be inking as much of them as I have time for. I know I still have to come up with VA-Dagger, 1 more RoD concept, 1 Neo Concept, and 1 more VAL concept along with applying changes to all mentioned. For the changes that need to be made, I will show you those changes before I ink them. I plan on having all concepts finalized and inked within the next 2-3 days.
    • No problem. School comes first.

    • I have one guy who is major is animation and he seems real interested in taking on the animation portion of your tasks. I'm not sure how skilled he is but he said he would just have to talk to you and see what programs, formats, and major tasks would be. If you're interested in finding out more about him, email him at this address:

    • I've contacted him. I'll want to see some body of work from him before we look to hire him.

  • Came up with a VAL mastermind character. His main weapon is his mind to control gravity and electricity. He is able to control gravity enough to have him hover slightly above ground instead of walking. He also has telsa coil rods on his forearms that shoot lightning and can be used as melee weapons. He also has the hanging tentacles that can latch onto another mech and shut it down with emp waves while it rips it apart with the forearm daggers. Can use some type of cyro mind-control gravity wave blast. Just some thoughts.
    • My only dislike is the arms. They seem too huge, hah.

    • Ok, I will reduce their mass in the final version.

    • Do you happen to know any pixel artists and pixel animators? I'm having alot of trouble finding any.

    • pixel animators no, and I'm a pixel artist. The digital rendering you saw of the one mech was a speed paint. Here's what I'm capable of "" Built from scratch in photoshop. I can design levels, gameboards, pretty much anything with pixels I can do. I also do vector art in illustrator. I don't know really of any artists that have any talent but many have good modeling and programing knowledge.

    • The concept art I've been having you do is to give the pixel artist/animator an idea of how to create the in-game animations. I'm looking for someone who can do, "" The fact that you can design gameboards is useful for creating the tiles for the game's maps. But I'll still need someone who can create the battle animations. As for the battle animations, they will look like, "". The battle animations won't be as over the top. I'll also need someone for character design and character portraits. Do you have a way to contact you outside this site?

    • That is just 2D art that can be done in photoshop or flash. I will talk to a couple animators tomorrow at school and see if any of them are to that level yet and if yes I will give you their contact information. I know how to create animated images but I am not fluent with it enough to take on the animation portion. I can take on any still 2D images though and my email is For the concept art here, I will ink it up very nicely as the finished design for each mecha and will color one digitally for you so you can see the full finished product. If you will be using these images in game then I would only charge an extra $300 to have them all rendered in color and have them looking pretty real.

  • This is a big improvement over the first one! It seems less comical. I really like it.
    • Ok, glad u like it. You said the RoD and NEo are controlled by human counter parts. What about the VAL? Are they strictly robotic, creature, or what... I know you want one to be made up partially of crystals and the other have an organic rock like weapon. Also I noticed you didn't rate #8 & #9, are you unsatisfied with those? I can still make changes or give you a new concept as this is why I'm submitting only sketches.

    • The Val are humanoid. You would say that they look human but they have they have cat eyes and scales around there neck, knees, and elbows. #10's head needs some work and it'll be perfect.

  • Submitted my custom designed RoD unit. had this one in my mind since the beginning. Warheads are just tips of a missile that can contain any substance. You can make them mini tactical nukes, armor busting and explosive, or w/e you want.
  • Submitted Sarkra. This one took a lot of thought on how I was going to implement the crystals. Hope this is what you were going for. I also have crystals being used on the tread of his feet as well as crystals mounted on the end of his wings/spikes on his back.
  • Submitted my second take at Drak'ner. What do you think of version 2?
  • Submitted VA-Caldabolg. Placed his Beam Rifles on his shoulder so they can be used in flight mode as well. The sword has a beam start and end cap to kind of get away from the star wars light saber idea. If you want me to remove the end cap I can or develop another concept for it I can as well.
    • Its fine if it looks like a beam sword from Gundam. Believe me, they do not have a copyright on that. The cannons on the shoulders is a good idea.

    • Alright cool, then I will make that change to make it more like that one.

  • Submitted concept for VA-Zweihander. Sorry that this one is kind of hard to see but the major changes are darker for you to focus on. I added the detachable armor upgrades to shoulders, torso, and shield like you asked and gave spikes on the shoulder armor to go with the theme of a knight. He's equipped with a lance, rocket bazooka, and dual machineguns.
    • Gotcha.

    • besides the changes mentioned that i need to make, are you feeling staisfied with what I am producing?

    • Yes, I do like what you are doing. Since you are the only one who seems to be active in this contest, you've won it as soon as all designs are submitted. For someone who hasn't drawn concept art of mecha before you are doing a great job.

    • Ok, thanks for the feedback and appreciate the encouragement.

  • My only suggestion is to reduce the size of the rifle. It looks more like a pile driver at this point.
    • Yeah I was going for an over-the-top anti-material rifle for an arm. I will make it smaller.

  • Let me know what you think of the Longbow concept or if you want any changes.