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My first time here and I am extremely pleased. I got the design I wanted at the price I wanted. Thank you very much

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My company is launching shortly for which I need a logo. The logo is for my soon to be launched company Meghrules llc. The logo can be only letters or a graphic plus letters. Only graphic is not allowed. The 'Megh' in Meghrules means 'cloud' in sanskrit and is a play on the word cloud as in cloud computing. Designers may incorporate this in their designs. The logo should be of, well a logo size e.g 228px x 90px. Please keep logos around 250 width and 120 height. For larger size logos, a 228px X 90 px logo (+- 15 px in either dimension) must be included. Need in PNG, JPG, GIF formats and must include a transaparent GIF. If Animated Gifs are present,a separate gif that is not animated should also be present. Logo must include tagline 'Business Rules for everyone'. If graphic is present, a separate logo that contains only the graphic should be included. Copyright for the designs will belong to me once submitted. Designs can be of any style but avoid too much funkyness. Do not add .com, llc etc in the logo. I also would like a design for a t-shirt for Meghrules with the tagline 'Business rules for everyone'. The website name must be present in the front or back with call to action 'please visit' etc. If you need more information about what we do, you can visit The prize money for this contest will keep increasing. So I suggest you start your work right away without waiting for it to reach a high value. Update: Please note that the logo should not lose clarity when resized to 228px X 99 px. It is better if you include a logo of 228 px X 99 px in your entry. And where's the transparent GIF or PNG that I asked for. Hey what about the t-shirt design!

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  • Hi CH, please comment for my design. i hope you like. thanks
    • Love it. I would close the contest if I knew how to. cheers, Om

    • thanks,,,, just simple,please choose 1 for winning design...

    • I need logo no 6 to look like 7 with the 'rules' in orange. Can you make a logo like that. Also can you make the tagline bigger in your logo. Do not change 6. Just make a copy and make the changes. Also I need t-shirt design. The contest is for logo and t-shirt. Thanks. Om

    • Hi, please see my update. hope you like. thanks

    • yes. This is nice. thanks. Om