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Winning design #114 by whoe, Graphic Design for Metropolitan Bank Debit Card Design  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by whoe

Project description

Metropolitan Bank is a Asian community bank based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are currently looking for a new card design for our debit card.  Apart from the Bank's logo and name, which should appear somewhere on the card, and the MasterCard logo, which must appear in the bottom right hand corner of the card, and a microchip, which must be on left side/middle of the card, the graphics and colors are up to you.

We are looking for a credit card design that exudes exclusivity, luxury, maybe featuring some Asian influence, and modern design - which might be difficult, I understand.   

I apologize for the poor quality of the Bank's logo and name.  Perhaps I could ask that when you submit your design, you remake them.  The Chinese words below Metropolitan Bank are as follows:

加 州 金 城 银 行

Please review the spec file for the size of the card/chip and other specifications. 

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  • please doreview this..i can make amends to suit your taste.
  • please give me a answer #140
  • The background image is a paper cutting artwork (剪纸). Similar design please refer to #125.
    Thanks #124
  • the black version of the #93 #114
  • Not my best But I thnk it is worth an entry #106
  • Another design for the burgundy color background.
    Thanks. #102
  • Gold color with special texture. #101
  • Background image changed but the color and texture remained as per request.
    Hope you like it. Thanks #100
  • Exclusive and luxury but difficult to copied. I hope you will give best rating for this. #86
  • Exclusive but difficult to copied. I hope you love this, Sir. #85
  • Thank you. Nice. There is a folding line in the middle of the logo. Do you have any other design with the same color tone? #73
  • Thank you for your rating... More gold colour entries are #52, #53, #54 and #55. Anticipating your valuable comments....
    • About #52, @sunface

      We like this one. Just for another look, could you lighten up the gold color of the card a bit and make the M logo pop a bit more (you can try another color). Thank you.

  • Gold as u requested. let me know of any changes, thank you #65
    • About #65, @rootreeper

      Thank you for submitting the gold color. The M logo now looks extremely light against the ombre gold backdrop, however. Could you make the M more obvious?

  • Could you please try the dark burgundy tone with the same design? #30
    • About #30, @hkiang1

      Please look at #66 and #67

    • About #30, @hkiang1

      Please also look at #69, the flower modified with sand background too

  • We like the sand tone of Black and the logo. Do you have any other graphics that will fit the design, instead of the flower? #30
    • About #30, @hkiang1

      OK I will try to modify it

  • New Design
    Please COmment if you need a change of color #64
  • New Design
    Please COmment if you need a change of color #63
  • New Design
    Please Comment if you need change of color #62
  • Gold color is best match with black to bring out the feeling of prosperity.
    I'd also added the bamboo trees to the design as it symbolizes persistence and continuous growth.
    Thanks #42
  • I used Pheonix in designing the card as Asian people belives that pheonix symbolises the five values which are virtue, duty, propriety, credibility and mercy (德,义,礼,信,仁).
    The 'king of all birds' is put together with an elegant texture as background in order to bring out the luxury and modern feeling, as per request.
    Thanks. #39