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It was a perfect experience as usual with very professional and multi talent designers, beside the big and usual support from design contest agents which has made project very easy to accomplish.

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Winning design #40 by FullHeads, Graphic Design for Moods Eatery & Cafe Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FullHeads

Project description

Designing a retro style menu - preferably trifold for a retro designed eatery and hookah lounge in Oakville, Ontario

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  • @aselazab,
    if you coat red areas with UV lacquer (most print-houses do that), it will pop-up, and those areas glance, then black background would be great for you. flipping to light colors need a bit of job involved and as said before, can to so on next stage.
    • @FullHeads I don't have the one with address anymore?? !!!

    • @aselazab

    • @aselazab

  • I know it is already late
    But I am getting lots of comments on the black background although I love it.
    Can we try same contents on an old news paper background and see how the outcome will look like #37
    • @aselazab on finalization stage (if I am selected). Hope you understand its reasonable. Kind regards, Linas.

    • @FullHeads Great no problem

  • Hi dear @aselazab! Check please my update #39

    Kind regards
  • alternative background - #37 #36 #38
    • @FullHeads Can u try darker red - for better contrast

  • I like this one a lot
    We need to add
    At the bottom of the front page
    Our address:

    372 Iroquois Shore Rd.
    L6H 1M4
    Oakville, On
    Tel: 9053390005
    Cell: 4164000908
    For booking pls text (4164000908) and u will receive text confirmation
    Facebook - moodscanada
    Pls us retro signs instead of phone/cell/mail
  • Update
    #32, #31

    Let me know if you need any changes.

    Kind regards,
  • Revised. Hope you like it..
    Thank you #30
  • This is the one I love But need to highlight all headings with at beautifull retro font. I love borders Need to see other page as well please #22
    • About #22, @aselazab

      you mean font like "hookah" ? or other ?

    • About #22, @aselazab
      ok , i will design side-A as well

    • @FullHeads yes

  • About #24, @FullHeads
    I like the one with red
    But need all headings to be made wz same retro fonts to highlight them - nothing done wz beverage so far!!
  • What size are u using؟?
    How can I send u preferred pictures for the front page??? Or can u mail me couple of alternatives? Maybe it helps if u know we are also considered a gaming lounge mostly cards and backgammon
  • Hi, Color Alternative 2. All picture here just place holder. #27
    • About #27, @erkou
      Very nice concept
      Need to change hookah title font and picture to something more retro

    • @aselazab Dessert picture should be also horizontal 'cream caramel or Oreo waffle

  • Hi - in the meantime I've prepared another color scheme for this leaflet. I made font bigger as well and used the arrows in different way. #28
  • Hi, Color Alternative 1. All picture here just place holder. #26
  • About #21, @Posspoint
    Can I have other pages with clear view
  • Hi - maybe it's not exactly what you said but when I used the arrows in every title it seemed to be overloaded by this component. Pls take a look at this one. I hope it meets your expectations :) #25
  • BW version #24
  • alternative coloring #23
  • JHere is an update on side-B, if that fits, i will update side-A as well in same matter.
    let me know, thanks.

    Kind regards,
    Linas #22
  • Hi CH do you want to add a picture of your design?
    • @alvy U can add stock pictures for food items only

    • @alvy U can add stock pictures for food items only

    • @alvy Stock pictures are ok

  • About #17, @OmegaArt
    Same font and arrows for all headings