Moto-Skiveez (vehicle wrap design)

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Winning design #36 by numbersix, Graphic Design for Moto-Skiveez (vehicle wrap design) Contest
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designed by numbersix

Project description

I am looking for a design for our product that will be placed on the exterior of a utility trailer. We will use this trailer to transport and display our product at various trade shows and gatherings. Much of the use of this trailer will be at motorcycle rallies so I am hoping the design is very captivating. You can see more about our products and company at I am thinking that because this image will be placed on the side of a trailer and become quite large the best format would be vector. Thanks for considering my project.

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  • Thank you for your contribution. However I think this misses the main point of showing the actual product. If you could create something that is less segmented and shows the actual shorts I think that might be a little more catching. Thanks for your contribution.
    • #Noted, submited #4 ... Would need your feedback... Would submit another tomorrow... Thnks..

  • Hello Shawn, Please what is the size of the design you are in need of?
    • Serexzo, It will be on the size of a trailer. It does not need to be exact dimensions. The over height on one side is approximately 6'8". It is approximately 14' long. Again I "NOT" am wanting a full top to bottom, front to back wrap. Rather a partial design that can be applied that shows and describes our product. Thank you for your interest.

  • I like tht the design now shows the short. I don't know that showing two different sizes is necessary. To me this just implies that we have a children's model which we do not. If you could somehow incorporate the design to show the three different style that we have that would be preferable. Thanks again for you submission.
  • I like that the design now shows the short. I was hoping that somehow we could incorporate the three different styles. Use your creativity and show me what you come up with. Thanks again for your submission!
  • hi SHAWN, do you still accept other designers? I'm interested to join.
    • Hi SHAWN about #11 I can't make the revision right now bec I'm out of town but f u willl make me the winner I can make all the revisions tomorow.and I can even give you some more suggestions.thanks

    • Numbersix, yes I have extended the contest. Although I really like several designs and there are a few that would work just fine for our purposes, I am just not overwhelmed. I am hoping for something that is really unique and catching, but fairly simple and not too busy. Good luck I look forward to seeing your submission.

    • Numbersix, I have extended the contest so that I can further refine my preferred designs. Good luck with any new submissions.

  • I like this design but to include the shorts with the pictures of the three pads I think is confusing. I think the shorts need to stand alone and perhaps show the pads in a smaller size. Thanks for the submission.
    • Hi Shawn, Sure! No problem! I made those changes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Another comment, maybe change "Simply the best...." To; "Three unique designs for your style of riding."
  • I like this. But for some reason always envision the shorts to the left of the image. Also I would like our logo at the top and perhaps to run the entire length of the image. I really like that you have show the three different riding styles. I don't really like the open font on "CHOOSE YOU SKIVEEZ. Also I think the yellow font color contrasts too much with the overall style/image we are trying to identify with. My suggestion for this design, Have Moto-Skiveez across the entire top, below that "Comfort Through Innovation," then a large image of the shorts on the left of the design, Below them in much smaller white font "Simply the best......on the market." Maybe use the motorcycle photos in their original cull color but include a color matching bar at the bottom with the correct word, SPORT< ADVENTURE< CRUISER. Also, not sure how it would look, but maybe include the rider silhouette in the upper right corner of each motorcycle image. Thanks again for your submission!
  • Really like this submission as well. Perhaps even more than #10. I like the angle of the colors from upper left to lower right. If you could place our logo at the very top across the entire design in a solid font, then the short image in the lower left of the design. Then maybe the words SPORT, ADVENTURE, CRUISER with the actual pad images in the color band. Thanks so much for your submission.
  • I really like this design! If you could change COMFORT YOUR RIDE to COMFORT THROUGH INNOVATION and put this at the very top below the logo. Also the logo font needs to be solid. Maybe like #2. Then use just a single image of the short on the far left of the design. Then place SPORT, ADVENTURE, CRUISER at the bottom of the rider images in the color bar. Thanks much for your submission.
  • Initially I thought perhaps a partial wrap would work. And although there a many very good designs for this project I just do not see anything that is really captivating. I'm thinking now that a full wrap is most likely going to achieve the best result. I have attached another file for a design that we are using for a packaging label. It is just to give an idea of some of the images and style we are using to promote our product. I would suggest to anyone still interested in this project to keep submitting ideas and thanks to everyone for your efforts!
  • I really like this design. Thank you much for incorporating the trailer image so that we can better see how this will appear in reality. This design to me seems a little bit heavy towards the rear of the trailer. I'm wondering if you could angle the right of the CRUISER image to parallel the left of the SPORT image? This would allow us to center the entire image on the trailer. Also can you center justify the words, SPORT, ADVENTURE, CRUISER with their respective images? Thanks again for your excellent work!!!
    • Thanks for the compliment! With #18 and #19, I did adjust the side of the cruiser image and added the riders' icon. Do we still use the same dimension?

    • I'll contact the trailer manufacturer on Monday to get exact dimensions for the trailer. Thanks again for your submission.

  • Maybe also, instead of justifying the words, SPORT, ADVENTURE, CRUISER, could you include to the right the silhouette image of the rider that corresponds to these styles? They are located in the brief in the file "Three Riders". Thanks!
  • Regarding #16, The product image together with the pictures of the riders and text can be in one die-cut. I'm not sure what's your plan for the logo and the text "Comfort Through Innovation". Are you planning to have it in die-cut too? Or do you want it to be printed in a rectangular canvas and just get the color of the trailer and set it as the bg color to make it blend?
    • I think the logo and text can be die cut as well. I think with a black font that might look best as opposed to try and match background color.

  • One more question. Are we still using the same dimension for the wrap? Because it looks like the picture of the trailer you provided is a bit longer compared to the dimension you gave us.
    • Nvillegas, excellent work!! I really like your designs. In answer to your question, no. Since I think at least part of the image can be die cut there is no requirement to keep it exact to the measurements I first stated. Thanks again for your submissions!!!!

  • I just added a link to what the actual trailer will be. My thought is that the background silver in this design would be the actual paint of the trailer. This would allow for the majority of this design to be die cut and placed on the trailer instead of a full wrap. I like this idea.
  • Here is a link to the actual trailer that this design will go on; The trailer will be almost exactly like the photo in the lower left hand of the page. It will be a solid color and not have the black stripe towards the rear of the trailer as seen in this photo.
  • Great design! Can you please reduce the font size of COMFORT THROUGH INNOVATION to be more consistent in size to my package design? And also in same font color as logo? Also I like the pictures in #14 that have a lighter background but a darker bottom bar. If you could incorporate those images that would be great!! Thanks for your submission.
  • The more I analyze this design, the more I like it for a complete wrap. Here are my suggestions; for the background, keep the pattern but have it consistently dark at top, behind the logo and COMFORT THROUGH INNOVATION. Then have it transition quickly to a lighter shade. This is to allow the short image to stand out, with better background contrast. Maybe move the short image from contact with the rider images and reduce its size slightly. It just seems a little overpowering in its current state. -Have the rider images in full color with just the respective, RED, BLUE, GREY color bars at the bottom of each photo. In each color bar have the corresponding word, SPORT, ADVENTURE, CRUISER in white font with the rider silhouette icon also in white font. -Angle the right side of the cruiser photo to match the image in #19. -In the banner above the rider photos change wording to "Three patent pending designs for your style of riding." -Remove "" from bottom of pics. I'm thinking to place this at bottom left in the area in front of the wheels. If the background is a light grey in this area, have this font color black. I am anxious to see how this design will look. Thank you much for your submissions and efforts!!!
    • Got it! I think it will look good. Thank you for sharing your suggestions. I'll work on it.

  • Also can you make the top of the design a little darker? I really like how it appears in #14. To me 14 appears a little darker on top. Thanks again!