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Winning design #20 by nvillegas, Graphic Design for Moto-Skiveez Contest
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designed by nvillegas

Project description

I am wanting a package/box design that will capture a consumers attention in a retail store for our product, Moto-Skiveez. Moto-Skiveez are very unique undergarments designed to increase comfort while riding a motorcycle. They are worn next to the skin just like normal briefs. There are three different unique styles of Moto-Skiveez. You can get a good feel for our product and our design ideas from our website, The box needs to be 25cm X 25cm X 3cm. I would like there to be a hangtag for the top of the box. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for considering my project.

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  • Hi again Shawn, I knew the Moto-Skiveez brand name looked familiar; I hope the illustration worked out well for you guys. I have an interest in creating the packaging for the undergarments, although I'm a little hesitant since it's not a blind contest. But I'll see if I can come up with something. One question I have for now is if you need 3 different packaging designs (1 for Sport, 1 for Adventure, 1 for Cruiser), or are you looking for 1 generic package? Thanks
    • Yes, I am looking for just one design that could be used for all three styles. I have contacted Design Contest as I am unable to load additional files for images that I have and a template for the design that has already been created. I think this will help much in directing you to what I am looking for. I sent the files directly to Design Contest and hopefully they will add them to this contest. Also I respect original creations. If your overall design theme is the first submitted, but copied and altered, I will respect that you are the original designer and give preference to your design.

    • Alright sounds good. I'll wait until the other files are made available

  • hi ch. shawn1 I am working on your project best regards babar786
    • |--|

      babar786 {*wrote*}:
      hi ch. shawn1 I am working on your project best regards babar786
      |--| Babar786, I think you have worked on some other projects I have posted. I will submit additional images and more information about my design requirements today. I was having problems uploading files to "Design Contest" last night. Hopefully it will allow me to add more today.

    • hi ch. shawn1 I hope you fine. thanks you give me feedback I will create yours project as well as possible soon I will send to you design I hope you will like my creativity thanks best regards babar786

  • nvillegas, I really like this overall theme. The dark background is definitely something we are looking to identify with our brand. I feel this has too much of a cut out for the front. Also I have added some additional comments to my design notes that may better help with what I am wanting. Thanks for submitting, your design is very good.
    • Noted CH! I'm working on it. Thanks! Really appreciate your feedback.

    • Entries #7 and #8, Same feel from my previous entries but completely different layout. If you have any questions or suggestions just let me know. Thanks!

  • Thank you very much for your submission. It is very good. I added some notes to our design comments to let everyone know that Orange is not a color that is part of our marketing. Also I would prefer that the three different shorts you have be replaced by the three different pads. Also the rider silhouettes are in a reversed image. Thanks again for your submission.
  • A point of clarification for any interested designers, our colors identify with each style of Moto-Skiveez. They are as follows, red=SPORT, blue=ADVENTURE and grey=CRUISER. The orange color in some files associated with the CRUISER style is just for a draft. There is no orange in our actual marketing information. I hope that helps.
  • Greetings CH! Regarding entries #1 and #2, This is just the layout for the cruiser type. Sports and Adventure will have different anchor/main image in front and a different accent color which is orange for this (cruiser) layout. Final art will be print ready, complete with die-cut and folding. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment. Thanks!
    • nvillegas, I like what you have done. My thoughts are that I would prefer one design for all three of our styles. Also I think less of a cut our for the actual brief and more of a graphic that shows what the product is would be great. Thanks much for your submission.

    • Got it! Working on the revisions. I'll upload the layout soon. Thanks!

  • Hi Shawn, Currently the only files available from the brief are 1 pdf — containing rough sketches of the packaging — and a 'test' Excel file. Just checking if there should be more content/files uploaded
    • HappyGD, it now looks like additional files have been uploaded into a zip file. I was able to access them from my end. Let me know if you are not able to get them. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the notification. I do have another question. In the brief it states dimensions of 25 x 25 x 3; in the pdf with the rough sketches, the back of the packaging is taller than the front due to the angled top. Should the front be 25cm tall, or the back? Or does it matter? Thanks

    • Doesn't really matter. 25cm is approximate. This is the largest size that will be needed for our shorts. If the design measures a little of on one side or the other it is not critical as the shorts are different sizes and very flexible for packaging. Hope that answers your question. Thanks again for taking interest in our project.

  • EXCELLENT! Only suggestion is can you make the top band with COMFORT THROUGH INNOVATION be the same color as the style? I feel this will help to identify the separate styles. Also the correct term is SPORT and not SPORTS. Then just one last question. Do you have anything for the bottom panel? I ask just in case a retailer displays these stacked on a shelf instead of hanging.
    • Sure! I can do that. And for the bottom part, I'll put the logo and a small icon for the product type. I'll do the necessary adjustment then upload it.

    • Entries #18 and #19, Band for each box changed to its corresponding product type color. Also added an icon on the top and bottom part of the box.

  • I have just uploaded two new files. "Labels" has text about the care of our product that I would like on the back of the packaging in a small discreet but noticeable font. The "package header" file is wording that I would like on the front of the package design. This just briefly describes what the product is. Thanks again for considering my project.
  • Several of our customers have commented on the designs and feel that designs unique to each style would be more marketable. My thoughts are to have the majority of the box universal, especially the back, which should illustrate all three styles. But have the front header or top, color match and identify with that style of short. Again, the colors are red=SPORT, blue=ADVENTURE and gray=CRUISER. This would make it MORE clear to unknowing consumers that there are three different styles of product. With a universal designed package this fact may be easily overlooked. Also, for those working on this project, since you have the necessary graphics, just FYI I will be posting another design project tomorrow for a vehicle wrap for Moto-Skiveez. I hope this will be of interest as well.
  • WOW! This is exactly the type of design I was hoping for! Direct, clean to the point and informative. It also conveys our overall brand identity very well. I am wanting a few other people to view the designs to give feedback. My only suggestion is to incorporate a smaller hang tab.
    • Thank you for the compliments. =) I'm glad you liked it. Regarding the tab. Are you planning of using a small plastic hang tab that will be attached to the box? Or do you plan to have the tab included in the die-cut and just reduce it to a smaller size?

    • I'm thinking the aesthetics will be better with the tab included in the die cut. I'm reaching out to packaging companies right now to see what difference the costs would be.

    • Ok no problem. I can do the template either way. I'll upload the revised version as soon as I finish adjusting the tab. Thanks!

  • Really like this design and the overall theme. I think the tab is a little to big. I would like to reduce packaging cost and waste. I would like the tab just high enough for it to function.
  • Like it! I'm wondering if you could use image 5-10x8x300 of the shorts and position them to the left front with the cut out on the right? My thinking is this image of the short shows the icon of our logo on the waistband. Since we are a new company brand identity is very important. If at all possible to use this image I think that might make a subtle but noticeable difference.
    • Sure! No problem. I'll do the necessary adjustments.

    • Sorry it took me some time to upload the revised file. I was traveling out of town these past few days. Good thing i brought my laptop. =) #20 , Changed the main image and put it on the left side of the box. If you have any questions or suggestions, just drop me a comment. Thanks!

  • I want to thank everyone for their contribution to my contest. I also wanted to let you know about a similar contest I have posted. I hope you will consider contributing to that contest as well. Thanks again.
    • hi ch. shawn1 I will do yours both project I will send to you very soon I hope you will like my creativity thanks best regards babar786

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I just posted another contest for a vehicle wrap design. I hope many of you would consider contributing to this contest. Thanks again for all of your efforts.
  • Looks Great!. Thanks for the submission. Please consider my other contest for a vehicle wrap. Great working with you.
    • Thanks! I'm working on an entry for your other contest.

  • Hi Shawn, do you still consider other designer entries here? i'm interested to join.
    • absolutely! I believe until the contest ends anyone can contribute. Show me what you got.