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Winning design #40 by TCMdesign, Graphic Design for Mouse Pad Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TCMdesign

Project description

PEAK Internet would like you to design our new mouse pads. We will be purchasing thousands of these designs, and providing them to our customers and staff. We are looking for something new, modern and eye catching, while also working well with most laser mouses. Required in design: Logo, URL, and Phone Number Phone: 800.731.4871 URL: Attached is our previous version of mouse pad design. The required size is 8” x 9.5” attached is a template to use. Good luck!

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  • Good day CH! Submission #9 is up for your review. Any feedback? Thanks.
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #5 and I need your feedback. Thank you!
  • I like what you did with the colors, and listing our services.
    • Thank you, I am glad you like it. Is there anything you would like to see added or changed?

    • More faded hexagons maybe, there doesn't need to be arrows pointing to phone and url.

    • #38 - I added some more hexagons to help the balance and flow of the design and I added a gradient for a little more oomph/visual interest.

  • Hello CH, please check my first entry #37 and give your feedback. Its modern with eye catchy design hope you'd like it. Haven't tried too much in the middle area to avoid complexity due to optical mouse performance. So its easy mouse pad for mouse. Thanks
  • Kinda cool, looks like water, but doesn't really have any meaning to what PEAK Internet does. What do the arrows represent?
    • Arrow pointing the top of all. Peak means top. So the arrow ..

  • So far this design has come the closest to what we are looking for. Can you also do a few more with the PEAK PRO logo which is attached to the brief. Thanks!
  • Not really our style, nor does it use our colors anywhere.
  • I like that you went above and beyond and grabbed our hexagon design. We like this one, but the green is a bit much.
  • Way too basic and poorly made.
  • Too music/techno looking for an Internet Service Provider. Please figure out what our company does before creating a design.
  • These are not our colors, and the thousands of PEAK logo's don't look that good. I like what you did with the green internet bar though.
  • I would love to see #18 with our PEAK PRO logo as well.
  • So far #18 comes the closest to what we are looking for in a new updated design.
  • hi ch. bobbysamai I have uploaded design #10, #11, #21, #22, #23, #24 I hope you will like my design work thanks best regards babar786