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Project description

Seeking simple, aesthetically pleasing graphic incorporating key words for communication of a vision statement.  The three key words are Empower, Evolve, Excel.  These will be key tenants of an operating philosophy in the resources space.  The three words will be used in powerpoint presentations, on printed materials and possibly on internal website.  In addition, each key word has an additional three phrases which describe the key word further:

Empower: Collective ownership, continuous learning, focus on people

Evolve: Embrace technology, grow capability, adapt with ease

Excel: HSE excellence, operational efficiency, diverse and inclusive

Seeking designs for the three key words and/or the key words with the accompanying phrases.  Preferred colors are: black, white, red, grey.

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  • dear amber_stidham please see my entry #18. if you need any change please comments me. thanks #18
  • Hi
    I'm interested in participating in this project.
    Please let me know if you want to change colors or graphic.

    Kevin #15
  • Hi, dear @amber_stidham!
    Check please my entries #10, #11, #12 and #13 and feel free to choose the one you like most!

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