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Decent and nice work done for us, Yvancarlon had good artistic skills and the more distinctively good imagination... I can strongly recommend him for your special designs!

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Winning design #6 by yvancarlon, Graphic Design for Nano Sovereigns Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yvancarlon

Project description

This graphics design project is single sided  sovereign banknotes design around the provided background pictures in the attachments for each of the 6 banknotes. It requires a nice decorative design work along with single word which is the name with logo and the digit value of the banknote. These plain name, numbers and logo are embedded again with the artistic imagination of the designer along with the additional decorative peripheral drawings and textures complementing the background picture. The artist is free to use these pictures to fit them in the provided banknote area; cut, chop, modify them as needed in the theme in mind. It is very critical that the art should be unique; which means no copy paste from online or other copyrighted sources could be taken into consideration. The designers are free to use their creativity to design their banknotes; each of the 6 can use similar fonts and decorations if re-use is needed in the design of individual banknotes but again it should be the unique product of the artist’s imagination.

1) Only word on the notes should be "NANO" and banknote values in digits; which can be sprinkled in this design along with the logo in the best shape and place as the artist imagines. Additional pattern decorations and boundaries on top of the background picture are recommended as in the case of regular banknotes.

2-) Total image need to fit exact banknote size of 69mmx156mm

3-) Logo design and placement in the banknote can be inspired from logo symbol given below (just an example), a nice looking crafted version of it is needed on the note again with the designers imagination of font, color or texture.

4-) All 6 banknotes need to be completed and final to be considered for the prize.




100   20   etc




NANO Sovereign Banknotes wish all the enthusiastic graphic designers success. Your creative design may end up in many enthusiastic people’s hands in the near future J



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