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Winning design #16 by nvillegas, Graphic Design for Napketing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nvillegas

Project description

Napketing is a marketing company that uses as main channel napkins. The advertising can be of any type and the value added is the number of consumers the message gets to. We will be using maps as database for targeting customers. We should reflect a new way of advertising in terms of low cost but great geolocalization. What is needed is a logo, a power point template and a business card design. The idea to project is a brand new and innovative way of advertising.

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  • I like the idea of making the card looking as napking but the logo is too simple.
  • Great! Only please change the font with a more modern one as # 16 with a different color than blue. Maybe orange, purple or red. Also instead of the arrow let put something else
  • Great design!! If we can use more vivid color as purple orange red will be better. Also if we can do the square more like a napking.
  • I got the feeling with this logo of a company that sticks to the formalities of marketing.... which we dont want to pursue.
  • Liked that in the napking we place somehting meaningful, can we explore having in the napking somethin like geocoding + rise in sales? meaning that we can track the sale EVERYWHERE!! also the letter of the name can we have it a little bit more formal?
  • I liked the feeling that since it is kind of folded and with other letter it seems that really the napking can be anywhere or used by anyone- even different users however the letter in the napking doesn´t look so "professional" as to going with customers and present it to them. Maybe a rework there might work.
  • nvillegas, great. Let me review with my partners and come back to you...
  • CH, Thank you for your feedback. In entry #29 and #30 I used active colors for the symbol. I retain the black color for the word "napketing" to put more emphasis on the name. Both symbols are folded on the right side. While #31 is folded on the left. Are you looking for a logo that has a real image of a napkin? I'm asking so I can make the necessary changes for the logo. Thanks and I would really appreciate a feedback from you.
  • Lets try this with other colors. Try blue red purple green additional to orange.
  • Why did u deleted the original one? Lets try the square seem more as a napkin but the rest is perfect.
  • I do not like the world logo. Lets try with diferent colors. Also liked from the previous one that nap was colored seems that by hand.
  • Dear nvillegas! This will be the selected design. We will need your help only in making it seem more like a napking. Maybe a compbination of the folded corner but design similar to the 16. Also we will need to see a proposal for the business card and the powerpoint presentation.
  • Please use logo on study_1 in the powerpoint template and business card. Also the powerpoint template should be sent in a powerpoint file. By the way, the powerpoint template is quite an old style, could we use a cleaner style more modern.
  • CH, I uploaded the files. Please let me know if you have corrections or other file type needed. Thanks!
  • 1) Yes lets remain the original colors. 2) Fading efect please thanks again
  • Thank you CH for choosing my designs. I already prepared the files that you requested. I just have some questions regarding the logo. 1.)Do you want to retain the original color of the three bars inside which are orange, green and blue? or do you want to use the second one? The yellow, cyan and magenta. 2.)About the square with the arrow. Do you want it to be solid black or with a fading effect? Note: I made two study for the logo. Both of them have a fold on the side to make it look like a napkin. I also have the study for the business card and power point template. I would really appreciate an immediate response so I could have enough time to make the necessary corrections if you have any. Thank you.
  • CH, I uploaded the black, white, and gray logo. The eps file is also included.
  • Do I need to include the templates and the business card on my next upload? Or just the gray, black and white logo?
  • Great, I like also the logo in gray. For closing could you please send us the study of the logo to use in diferetne backgrounds. Maybe in gray, black and white.
  • CH, I uploaded the revised files. If there's still some revisions please let me know immediately so that I can make the necessary changes. Thanks!