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Winning design #3 by digicution, Graphic Design for Newsletter HTML Template Contest
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designed by digicution

Project description

I am in need of a HTML newsletter template that I can use to go in and update on a monthly basis with new recent article info etc. The most important thing is this newsletter template needs to fall in line with the basics of newsletter marketing. example. no CSS since some email readers strip out CSS info causing the newsletter to look all messed up. I have the site address and even a generic goby sketch of what I was envisioning linked below. I don't want something too complex since it might grow to be cumbersome to update frequently. On these links you will be able to get a sense of our color scheme and get images for your layout etc. Our main site is located here: Our Forum is located here: Here's a test go-by layout I sketched up: I'm looking for it to be pretty basic. You can replicate this layout and use our site's colors and images etc or you can also come up with a completely new design/layout on your own as I am open to ideas. No need to put any unsubscribe info/links since out mass email marketing company adds that info into our emails prior to sending them out.

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  • No probs houstonphotog, glad you like it :) Like I say, if there's anything you'd like changed about it then let me know.
  • Thanks a ton digicution.. Nice!
  • Hey bud, Design #3 is the one I've done. The preview is a screenshot from Google Chrome. The newsletter itself is done in pure HTML, no CSS at all and works perfectly in Hotmail / Outlook & Thunderbird. Should work fine in all clients as it is a similar framework I've used successfully for many years :) The HTML is commented for any changes you may want to make (and for editing it etc) and the PSD files for the graphics used are also included :) If you have any suggestions or want any changes made then let me know.
  • Hey there I dunno 600px to 700px wide. I think the PDF I sketched up was based on 600px wide
  • #1 Let me know if you have any issues with the color combination. It's in pure html with inline CSS styling, i think that's accepted in emails.
  • Do you have any particular width in mind for the page?
  • Hi CH, I submitted my design #5 . Build in 600px width. I keep the design simple to make it easy to build with HTML Table. Let me know what you're thinking. Thank you :) And for DesignContest's team : I know I've asked this question several time.. but, just to make sure.. Is this for design only or at the end the winner should send the design with coded HTML page (not in one-on-one) ? Thanks.
  • hi, I have submitted a design. hope you like it. Thank you binkula
  • Hi HC, I am designing my proposed newsletter template right now. I hope you will like it. Thanks, Menj
  • Hello CH! Please find my entry #11.I think i understand your specific requirement. I made a layout for email box with some elements easy to change. Each article has its importance and is identified with a color I hope you like that. Regards! George
  • Please review #10 100% working HTML. No CSS!! so don't worries. This design works perfectly for your email. -David
  • Please ignore #8 and consider #9 as latest one. Looking forward to your feedback.
  • Hi I designed the Newsletter. Width is 600px and easy to convert to HTML. Let me know your comments. Regards
  • Thank you all for your submissions. It was a tough choice!!
  • Hey houstonphotog, Just uploaded a refresh of the design - added Publish Date / Article Dates / Sponsor Link if you fancy them :) Again, this is a screenshot from Google Chrome, the newsletter itself is done in pure HTML, no CSS at all and works perfectly in Hotmail / Outlook & Thunderbird. Regards, Dan.
  • Dear CH, please check my new entries #12 & #13 very clean graphic buttons background & Style please feedback thanx
  • digicution, in chrome the newsletter shows center justified like your submission but in firefox, my go daddy email marketing software and in dream weaver it shows left justified... can you update so its centered in all since my test email newsletter displays in left justified. thanks. abel.
  • Hi Abel, Please check the re-uploaded source now - the file was missing a closing tag. Is working fine for me now in Firefox & Mailchimp :) Regards, Dan.
  • Hi Abel, No probs - I'll take a look in the morning and get it sorted for you :) Regards, Dan.