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Winning design #52 by sancita, Graphic Design for Okanagan Home Buyer Services Vehicle Advertising Contest
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designed by sancita

Project description

Okanagan Home Buyer Services ("OKHB") is a joint marketing initiative for a real estate lawyer (Real Estate Law Group), mortgage broker (ProLink Mortgage) and real estate brokerage (Venture Realty Corp.). See www.okhb.ca. We are looking for vehicle advertising for two different company vehicles. 2006 Silver Honda Odyssey (Image) http://bit.ly/K7D90w 2010 Black Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab (Image) http://bit.ly/K7DbWh The two designs do not need to be identical, but should portray a consistent brand image. The OKHB logo and messaging should be the most prominent, but the logos for Venture Realty, Real Estate Law Group & ProLink Mortgage need to be present. Please consider including our tagline "All your home buyer services under one roof". In addition it should be obvious that the group comprises Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers & Real Estate Agents.

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  • i'm really happy you gave us designers the EPS/Vector files, only thing is the persons who designed the "OKHB"& the "Pro-Link" Logo's forgot to outline the fonts and i don't have them so that means when i open the logo's the fonts are automaticly being changed to another one. so the logo's don't look as they should, i'm not telling you it's your fault i'm just saying it's the designers their fault.
  • I've updated the OKHB & Pro-Link Logo's with files that have the fonts outlined.
  • The driver & passenger sides and the back of the van can be wrapped with the same layout as the truck. I would suggest the secondary logos be moved below the tagline on the sides.
  • Great start. Any thoughts on how this would work for the van?
  • #9 is along the line of what we are looking for. Please continue along this line of design.
  • None of the entries to date have yet put the logos onto the vehicles. We are looking for the logos and messaging to be put ON the vehicle. The vehicles are not part of an advertisement - they are the advertisement medium.
  • The contest is intended for people to design a layout on the vehicles. To take our logos and corporate branding to create vehicle decals or a wrap. We are not looking for our logos to be amended.
  • The contest is intended for people to design a layout on the vehicles. To take our logos and corporate branding to create vehicle decals or a wrap. We are not looking for our logos to be amended.
  • sorry my entry #34, #35, #36, #39, #40 there is an error writing the supposed "SERVICES" instead of "sevices" I'll fix when I can get an entry. thank you. regards, sancita
  • Feel free to explore the incorporation of images in addition to our logos.
  • new designs gracias..... the side of the vehicle #43, #44, back of the vehicle #45
  • Consider removing the sub logos (real estate law, prolink). I'd like to see what you can do using just the OKHB logo to make the side of the vehicle more eye catching.
  • I'd like to see the back with the sub logos on the window (Venture, ProLink, Law). Play around with tailgate using just the tagline, okhb.ca and some form of stylized background using the 3 rings.
  • Don't worry about messaging on the hood of the vehicle. Could you locate an Okanagan image and possilby integrate it a little more softly on the size of the vehicle (i.e. fade the edges?)
  • I'd like to see what you could do using the OKHB rings as a stylized background.
  • We want the design to be solely for OKHB and to not include OKBP.
  • The contest has been extended. We would like all entries to include the following: 1. The back of the vehicles should include the statement "All your home buyer services under one roof" and "Lawyers Real Estate Agents Mortgage Brokers" 2. We would like the Okanagan Home Buyer Logo (OKHB) to be the predominant logo. The sub logos for Venture Realty, ProLink and Real Estate Law Group should be secondary and possibly limited to the back window. 3. The lettering for the OKHB logo should be blue with a silver outline or some combination of blue on a background that gives a sharp/professional image. 5. Our website okhb.ca should be visible. Generally we would like concepts to explore two avenues. 1. Use the rings (or some form of the rings) that comprise the OKHB logo to create a background for our logos & messaging. Feel free to explore detaching the rings from the Okanagan Home Buyer Services message. 2. Use our logos and messages in conjunction with images that are consistent with real estate in the Okanagan (Kelowna, British Columbia).
  • Greetings, design #58 will insert a picture of your hometown by making it more personal and tailored to your environment, I hope you like.
  • Move logos to back window. Do not include business law group logo. Try using the tagline and lawyers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers on tailgate with the website. Maybe try fading the rings and stylized roofline into the background more.
  • Remove any logos and the tagline from the side and move to the back. I'd like to see the secondary logos ont he back window and the tagline on the tail gate.