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Winning design #42 by finestroke, Graphic Design for Package Insert Contest
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designed by finestroke

Project description

We offer a compression back warmer to athletes. They come in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard insert. We want to explore a new look for the insert. Design has to emphasize athletic, appeal to both male and females across generations. The Band is great for gymnasts to golfers and any sport in between. Not water sports as the Band has wool. Wool and water don't mix. Think of silhouette sports as done in the Olympics. Looking for outside the box. Package needs to really pop off shelf. Current packaging assets are attached with a brief containing document size and additional direction.

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  • Like the green, but please read the brief. The Z icon is an important component for the packaging. We need to make sure both men and women are targeted. Men would never buy something with the girl on the cover. Generic appeal is needed. Sports vibe. This is a bit plain.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, #5 is new entry for your consideration, feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

    • The use of color in first one is better. We are looking to market across sports. Check out updated brief. Pictures limit to dance or other like sports. Any sport that requires back strength and movement. Look at Olympic silhouettes of sports to try and incorporate.

    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, #6 had revised the design as requested, hope you like it. Thanks & Cheers

  • Nice look, but too close to current packaging. Looking for totally new direction. Nice use of components and copy pops. Just need to create a NEW look. Do NOT try to tie to current branding. Use logo and requested colors to create something new. Thanks.
  • Like the green, but too plain and too female oriented. Read brief. The Z icon is important to use. Needs to appeal to ALL athletes. Copy is important, so pull the copy from brief and make it POP. Thanks.
  • To avoid leaning too much towards male or female, let's only avoid photos. Nice bold background as far as color, though. Logo doesn't pop enough. Try something focusing more on the Z icon, not an actual human photo.
  • Our Z icon from the logo was added to the brief. Please use the Z icon within the design.
  • Hi, I like the layout and color use. Not loving the white size box, pulls focus. The Band on Icon is a dye cut, so no worries on it's color. Size chart can be smaller. Like to see Facebook and Twitter logo's as well.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for direction on my design, it really help me a lot to go closer to your needs. As your requested, I have uploaded new version of #21, please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers

  • Hi, Bear with me on feedback, as my marketing director is away. Very clever to add bands to silhouettes. I like the color integration. Not crazy about size chart being white, pulls focus. Facebook and Twitter logo's seem large.Silhouette's one looks like a swimmer? Not good for watersports, made of some wool. Maybe swap out for tennis? Top US played sports, football,baseball,tennis,golf, skiing, soccer. I like this direction. Thank you
    • Once again thanks for the feedback! Got it on silhouettes, let me iron it out and explore it some more. Thank you very much on the direction!

  • Hi CH, Heres my new entries and some color explorations. Pls check design entries #16, #17, #18 & #19. Thanks! Best Regards!
  • Hi, I'm the founder of the company. My marketing director is on holiday. Bear with me as I try to give you feedback. I like the use of silhouettes.Package color need to have the blues indicated in brief. The photo is not generic enough, please lose. Please use copy in brief. White size chart pulls too much focus. I like this direction. Perhaps some winter sports,ie skiing,figure skating. Lose weight lifter, they use special belts. Thank you.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for your feedback on my design, #14 is new entry for your consideration, hope you like my design, feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

  • I like the balance of color. Looking for something different from the original.
    • Thanks for the feedback Kari! Still processing some ideas right now. Do you want the design to really look far from the original?

    • Great question, yes, I want to see creative ideas. The challenge is the need for mass appeal across sports and gender and generations. Very young gymnasts to weekend warrior golfers and everyone inbetween. It's a product not many in US have ever seen. So, have at it.

    • Thanks for the direction, Pls check my revised entry #13. I hope Im getting closer. Thank you! Best Regards.

  • I like the athletes in the blue band very much. Realizing the line should be," The Ultimate Compression Back Warmer for Athletes". The Green for the size chart is very heavy and dark. Perhaps and I'm just guessing, the facebook blue? To balance top and bottom?
    • Thanks for the pleasant feedback CH, after several experimentation to make all pop and balance all the artwork, heres revised entry #31. I hope you like it. Thank! Best regards!

  • I like, layout and use of color. The athlete silhouettes, could be, a little cleaner. Mix them up more, skiers and dance/gymnasts more mixed up in design. We are doing focus group, tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have much better feedback. Good work.
  • I really like your take on color. I don't like the blue band cutting into logo at the top. I don't like the size chart box in white, does not need to be so defined. Some of the silhouette's seem awkward. Think top sports golf, basketball, skiing,volleyball, dance. Gymnasts good. Thank you.
  • Thank you, this is a very interesting take. My overriding feel, is water.The Band is composed of wool and cotton. Wool water not so much. Love the components and color use. I get it could also read sweat as in athlete training hard. I do like how the size chart and other info, blended into overall design.
  • Dear Contest Holder My entry is #25. Feedback is greatly appreciated I can change anything you need me too. Thanks!
  • Additional note about this. Love the compressed Ultimate Compression, but since this shows compressions, please put "Back Warmer" in that space with "The Ultimate Compression" over and "For Athletes" under. Note "THE" above. The motion of the 3 bullet points is nice, but dark in feel. In other submissions, you put the "mandatory barcode/size chart" on the color of the package. We like that, but the last one was too dark...with a lighter background, maybe that will still work so it just blends into the packaging without taking away any attention to the main things we want them to see above. Don't highlight FB & Twitter so much. They can be small and subtle. Thanks!
    • Again thanks for the pleasant feedback CH, let me present you some couple of options to really get to the look you are after. Thank you!

  • Thanks for your feedback, I changed what you told me, do you like it the way it is or would you like me to change anything? Thanks!
  • Colors too close to our dark packaging now. Core messages we noted are not highlighted. We are also leaning towards the treatments that have the athletes.
  • Nice and bright and great show of motion. Like a lot, but now that we've added the athlete icons, maybe this won't work. Use this bright feel for your new approach with the green or white background. Not sure if we can also add the motion swoosh as well...maybe too much.
  • Nice that you explored white as your background. It helps avoid the awkward space needed for the call out information. The green is a bit off....use green from icon. Don't cover our logo, it detracts from the logo. Not the best treatment or use of the athletes, but a nice approach.