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Winning design #33 by sankaridewari, Graphic Design for Packaging Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sankaridewari

Project description

We are looking for a beautifully elegant packaging design that will house our product. The product is called TuubiizTM and they are 1-3cm long silicone tubes to put on your white earbud strings. NOTE: THE PRODUCT IS NOT ACTUAL EARBUDS, JUST TUBES THAT ATTACH TO THEM. They are fun neon colors and very whimsical. It is an individualizer for the headphones. As you can tell they are very tiny and two come per package. We would like a package that shows the real product in some way and need a design that is scalable to large production volumes. This means rather simple. It needs to look professional though as well. Please keep it relatively small seeing as the products are pretty small as well Simple. Modern. Clean. Fun. We are marketing towards 17-25year old demographic. Our company is called MiiPhonesTM and the logo is black with neon accents.

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  • #1 is an artists perspective of what was described. I look forward to hearing from you and your opinion. Thank You!
  • UmairAslam23- I uploaded a JPEG of the tentative logo for the company. It will give you the look a nd feel you were looking for I think. Size should be small, we want to ship this product and also have the packaging be cheap to produce but witty in some way. As for contents of the design, nothing in particular, we are waiting to see what people come up with . It is open to anything now! GOOD LUCK! THANKS!
  • Hey CH, -Please upload your logo! -What's the size of packaging? -What contents/elements you want on the design? Waiting for reply! Regards.
  • I changed the packaging (see #20) and I still have like 1000 ideas. Just let me know if you are interested in such kind of design, because it seems you rather go to a simple colorful package. Also, if you choose to use one of these ideas, we can improve together the final packaging design/size/colors.
  • Thanks for your kind consideration and the great reviews. Please find my submission #19, that has changed as your feedback. As well as I also given an option of floral art, I hope you like. Thanks and Regards MirzapurArts
  • #18 is a black and white contrast packages, from your suggestions. Thank You!
  • Blessed14- i am open to suggestion but maybe a simple black or white.
  • I don't like the blue girl look too much, but i like the little window view that shows the product. Maybe more of a black stick figure with the colorful tuubiiz highlighted. Thanks!
  • Are there any background colors you would prefer? And what colors of your product do you offer?
  • Absolutely brilliant with the UPC code design. I laughed and really thought it was clever. I think the package is a bit big though for the product.
  • Excellent product placement. I have to say I love that this could either be bought by a younger child due to the colors and playfulness but also appeal to the twenty something because of it's "sleek" look. well done.
  • Nice new rendition. green background is a lot though to take in if the colors are there as well.
  • I like this because it shows how the product is used. I just don't like the headphone look or the rainbowness of the name.
  • I am not crazy about the color. And there is a lot going on.thanks for submitting.
  • Beautiful. Clean. Simple. Great size. Could there be rounded corners maybe? I'm wondering how that would look.
  • Dear CH! Please give your review and feedback for my entries #12 and #13. Thanks
  • I changed a bit my entry (was #6) now its #10. I hope it appears less busy and choppy now :-) Please let me know what you think. Thank you very much
  • #9 has with a more colorful design and you company logo on top for easy recognition, than my previous rendition #1
  • Hi, thank you for the feedback! we can make the window smaller, and in that space put the colored TuubiizTM. It`s #8
  • MirzapurArts- There are no actual images yet, but if you look at the logo, those colored tubes round the letters are what they look like around the headphone string. Thanks!