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Project description

We want to have an upsell - super-size design for our current 29,99 pack.

This pack will cost an additional 9,99 (39,98 total). 
It will give you 46 minutes and cost 0,87 per minute.

The way it will work is that if a customer clicks on the pack a window will pop open giving 2 choices the "normal priced"and the super-size deal next to it, giving a choice to the customer. 

Make is a no-brainer to pick the super-size deal. It has to be clear that if he pays a little more he gets a HUGE amount extra minutes or his minute price will drop to the floor. I want you to design within the current style of the price packs but be creative on where to put what to achieve the best result in making it look like the best deal a person could make.

Next to green #56b700 the site uses #f87501 and #385890

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  • Hello,

    This is my design proposal. If you have any questions I will answer them in a timely manner.

    Cheers! #26
  • give me all information for others designs
    if you want all files psd and all designs take my work #22
  • there are a mistake in design #21
    please take #22
  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #15
  • Hi, in my opinion the best way to salient the low price and the extra minutes is to connect them into the layout. This can happen using bold typography or using the same background. Also, putting them different to the rest of the image, so as much contrast you have, best is going to be the impact of the visual effect. I did some examples to show you how it can be used in a simple and functional way. Thank you. #10
  • Please check more unique design hopefully you like this one. #2
  • Hello ch, please check my design hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #1
    • About #1, @moonart
      Thank you for your effort.
      Im looking for a more creative solution on my example. Not an exact workout of the example given.

    • @dennis2 Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback, i am working here & uploaded my more unique design very soon.