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Winning design #21 by sundezzo, Graphic Design for Power point template Contest
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designed by sundezzo

Project description

We need a power point template based on our graphic policy. Please see http://dev.thebootic.com/dl/ppt/ for logo, colors and design policy. Template should be quite simple, basic and very classy.

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  • the title page has a little animation(I do not know how to show it bc from what I see does not support to upload gif)... I've made a complete template with font colors and tite/normal/blank/etc. page
  • Hi CH: Here is my first attempt at creating a powerpoint template for you! I have created this with powerpoint so it truly is a template. Once the title page and basic text slide are finalized I will finish the template with all the slide layouts (Title Slide, Title and Content, Section Header, Two Content, Comparison, Title Only, Blank, Content with Caption, Picture with Caption...and any other slide layouts you would like). I hope this is moving in the right direction and if not that I can improve it. I'm not sure what aspect of your logo you would like on every slide (or if you want any part of the logo to appear on every slide). I remember you wanted the "b" to be able to stand alone when you held the contest for the logo design and so I chose to use the "b" on the bottom of every slide (except the title slide) as a subtle reminder of your company but not too large as to distract from the content of the presentation. Sorry for the long comment! Hope this is helpful! -lperwas
  • Hi Guys, Don't forget it's a PPT template. In an ideal world, such template is light, classy and elegant. We make a contest because we want it perfect, but not sophisticated. As well, you increase your chance if you propose one first page (for title) and one inside page (for the presentation it-self). At the end, the file provided should be a PowerPoint template, not a PSD a vector file (even you can provide as well some other format). Again, stay simple, think simple.
  • At least, it's original. Maybe a little bit too much. I think you can use this kind of design for the first page of the PPT but the inside should be lighter.
  • I don't get the grass part. Sorry.
  • I think it takes too much space, you must let some space for the text in the middle as well. Please note that you can separate the logo in 3 part and use them alone or separately (awl, thebootic, online shopping)
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #2 and #3 are both simple and fun PowerPoint templates. I wanted to incorporate your logo and showcase it as the main focus of the page. Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • the full brown background looks dull ,here i used burntorange for interactive look ,
  • the title page has a little animation(the owl opens its eyes, blinks twice, looked down and the title appears)3-4s
  • Hello CH this is my design,take a look
  • Please stay light and simple
  • Too much sophisticated.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I decided to go ahead and design two working PowerPoint slides. Design #7 is the title slide of the presentation and design #8 is a basic slide template for the presentation. Both of the designs displayed are jpeg versions of the PowerPoint template, so what you see is what you will get with your final files. I decided to stick with a very minimalist color scheme and layout, which gives you the opportunity to add graphics to your slideshow. More details or graphics can be added if need be. Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Hi Guys, I love your designs, but none has really emerged as THE one. I extended the contest one week, feel creative. Good luck all of you.
  • Hello stougard: I have read all your specifications regarding design. I worked on this PPT design as per your requirements and with the combination of modern design standards . Please have a look and let me know your feedback. Thanks PJNS941
  • Need the logo .eps (vector)format. i set the logo left/right side to the 2nd page. Thanks.
  • about #28,#31 its very simple design i wish this design is similar to your mind and tell me if you want specific color or any changes thanks
  • CH you rate the simplest design higher... how do you want the design to be?! blank?
  • Hello CH this is my new concept to slide layout.., take a look.., thnks.
  • Any feedback for #38 #37 #36.:)