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Winning design #27 by Acorsys, Graphic Design for Product Brochure Contest
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designed by Acorsys

Project description

A4 folded to DL Website reference: Brand name Govino Must include all 4 glass types with brief description of each. Some lifestyle images. Section for our 'Environmental' statements. Contact details on rear panel with white box for 'stockist' stamp.

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  • I'm working on smth. Is some stock photo permited to be bought later by you? Regards Andrei
  • Indesign or Illustrator.. either if fine
  • Thanks for the logo and the info. Just one more question.. hypothetically speaking, what file type would you like the chosen design to be submitted as?
  • Logo file uploaded
  • HI HappyGD.. Low res at this stage would suffice, i have hi-res for most but they are all large files and would need to be resized to suit. I understand that low res will be fine at this stage
  • Hello mark11, Would you be chance have any supplementary files that can be used e.g. Govino logo, product photos, etc.? Just asking because the photos available through the website are low resolution.
  • Hi there, just uploaded two designs - the first shows the exterior of the flyer, the other one the interior. I've put in hairlines to make you see where it has to be folded. I've made it in Illustrator and did not use any stock photos. Made the design as clean as possible, hope you like it. Would be very happy about some feedback. Sunny Greetings, Marie
  • Hi CH I uploaded #1, based on what is on your webpage. I also used only pictures from your site, since stock photos involve additional costs. I am waiting for your kind feedback. Note: everything is made in InDesign CS5.5 for PC, so it's fully editable. King regards Andrei
  • A few stock images would be ok
  • Dear Mark, Please check the updated version #27 and tell me if you like. Thank you
  • Could we loose the burgundy.. we are moving away from this colour. I like the inside, but would like to see the full product range line up on the front cover thanks Mark
  • Hi CH Based on my previous designs i upload #26. Please have a look and comment if changes are needed. I changed layout so that all four products are on the inside now. I have the full description of products there not just the specs as the other designs, but that can be removed if you don't like it this way. I also made a panel with the general info (Wine by design... part). On the exterior I kept the contact / green statement, and introduced a panel with the custom branding and the media / events you have on your website, since I think it's important. I also changed the font in whole design so to match better with your logo and existing corporate look. The faded background pictures are from your website, can be also removed if you would like. Kind regards. Andrei
  • Hello Mark, Can you please tell me what you want me to modify on the designs? Thank you
  • Hi.. I like it all except the grey base part, i like the grey, but maybe a bit too dark, maybe a bit lighter. It doesn't seem to flow like the rest of the brochure which is good. Thanks
  • Hi CH.. Thanks for the rating. I have also added #17, a slight variation of #15. Please let me know what adjustments you may require. thanks
  • Hi CH, I've submitted #15 and #16 for your review (two sides of the same concept). I look forward to your feedback. Thanks
  • Thanks for the rating CH Anymore improvements. Or anything else to be inserted into the brochure? I only included the 4 products , the contact info and the green statement. Maybe you need the customisation included too? or anything? Also I want to mention that when closed and folded only the contact/green statement and the frontpage with the logo is visible. But I think you know that. Cheers Andrei
  • Hi CH I uploaded 9 which is the new mockup using gray/dark gray and white (it's colors from your logo to match). I kept the purple (which you said it's maroon only at the contact section, it can be changed there too). Check #8. Also #9 is larger if you want too see in detail. Regards Andrei
  • Hi Thanks for the feedback and rating. It wasn't supposed to be maroon it just turned out so when exporting, It's actually the color you have on the landing page on your website. But i will change it to gray/white by tomorrow. Also, the color in the interior pages are the ones you have in the titles at the products... Regards Andrei
  • Hi Mark, Thanks for the feedback. I've added designs #12 and #13 with new details. Sorry I just want to clarify what you mentioned in your previous comment. You would like to only see one colour used for the product types, and not four? E.g. Only green is used for labeling the products Thanks