Rainbow Cotton Candy New Packaging/Logo design

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Winning design #130 by nvillegas, Graphic Design for Rainbow Cotton Candy New Packaging/Logo design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nvillegas

Project description

Rainbow Cotton Candy is looking to change our image on our packaging/logo. We are looking for the following: 1. The packaging is a clear poly bag approx 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall. 2. We would like the new design to stay away from the circus theme... No clown or circus stuff. 3. We would like the design to be modern and hip, appealing to the wide 5 -20 year old range. 4. We want the outside (top, bottom and the sides) 2.5 inches of the bag to have a solid design (color or colors). This is because the cotton candy is so fragile and often gets dented on the sides, top and bottom during shipping. 5. Our cotton candy is sold in Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores and Discount stores throughout the USA. 6. Our competition is all candy. Promotioninmotion.com Tootsie.com 7. Our website (which is not great..I know)is rainbowcottoncandy.com 8. This packaging will be seen all over the USA in stores. We will also give the winning designer credit on our packaging if desired 9. We want the packaging to be bold and stand out and be noticed. Thank you to everybody who considers participating. We look forward to seeing your talents

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  • I like this version better than #8. Very creative with the use of the window, but the window going all the way to the side of the bag won't work. Like the colors better, but not green
  • Dear RCC, I have submitted entries 19 and 20. The idea of the chameleon is to display the flavours in each bag and to show further indication that the cotton candy is made in many different colours. A bag containing more than one flavour would work well with option 1 as the chameleon will take on the appearance of all the colours. Option 2 would suit a bag containing one flavour, although both options have potential. I have included the tag line "Psychedelic Treats!". I have also submitted a larger version of the logo. It is based on your existing logo, only brought up to date. Thank you for your time. Mouse :)
  • like the design idea. not crazy about the colors. like the fact you added the eight flavor thing
  • I like the idea of having the window be cotton candy on a stick, but it looks too much like a leaf. Make the window bigger and change the shape a little. make the stick bigger too? Don't like the font.
  • like the way cotton candy stands out, but not much else. the charactors are not what I am looking for and don't like orange in the background.
  • Overall design is ok but the colors are not right. It reminds me of caramel with the brown.
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #16 (as another design for pack) and then extract #17 (for your logo), I hope you will like. I think that you will use your logo either for online, your packets or print commercial. SO here for border I have use the Golden Line Border to show the design for exclusive product. I guessed you always use dark shades on your packets or commercials. So the golden outline will always support you for best output. Therefore I am here to follow on your concepts, so it is my humble request, please give your suggestion and feedback for my next move. I hope that I am near to your findings. Thank you Kind Regards India FX
  • Dear RCC, Here is my first entry #8. The inner part of the cloud is transparent to show the colour/flavour of the candyfloss. The colours can be changed of course. Kind regards, Liz
  • Hi CH My entry is #6. Keeped the margins solid - the cloud shaped gray area should be transparent to see the content. added a girl and a boy character. colorfull rainbow styled background. I am not sure about what tab line should I add about the flavours? something like "All flavours" or meybe you can help us out here. Thanks
  • Hi CH, You mention in the brief that you want bright bold colors, yet on my entry you don't like the color scheme. I'm happy to play with color but it might be helpful to all the designers if you offered colors that you prefer to use or colors you do not like. Thanks!
  • IndiaFX - If possible a character or characters would be good, but they need to be something a kid (and an older kid) could relate to. Maybe like a cartoon character if possible. I know there is not a bunch of room. I am not opposed to have the words "Rainbow Cotton Candy" in the window or partially in the window.
  • I like the direction you are going here. Like the design on the left better with the windo in the shape of a cloud. Not crazy about the rainbow. Like that you added the flavors on there to give the consumer something else on the bag to notice, but we don't want the flavors listed because we cannot put every flavor in every bag. So maybe some other catchy tag line. Not crazy about the type face used. Hope this helps. Thank you for your entry
  • Thanks for your rating and please give some another idea about design. Do you need only color, and font scheme or some characters or pictures too. thanks
  • This design is on the right track, but doesn't jump out at me. The window where the cotton candy can be seen needs to be bigger and I think not so defined as a perfect circle. I would like to see more on the bag than just Rainbow Cotton Candy. I would like the type face to be more pronounced so "Rainbow Cotton Candy" really stands out. Hope this helps. Thank you for your entry
  • We have a clear bag and need to have an area where the product can be seen. I do like the different type styles, but am not liking the color scheme and overall design. It needs more than just rectangles. Thank you for your entry
  • Dear Ch, Please give your review and your kind suggestion as per my design #2, your suggestion and feedback help me to understand the gap between your need and my thoughts. Have a nice day. Kind Regards India FX
  • I just submitted #43. I tried keeping it bright, fun and eye-catching. It has a cloud shape window in the package to show the actual cotton candy. Let me know what you think, or if you would like to see modifications. Thanks
  • Regarding my entry #37, I made it modern and bright, and no clowns. Hope you like it. M
  • Hi there and thanks for the feedback. I keeped the window and the backround and changed the fonts. I also changed the basic color rainbow to a pastel rainbow with stars to be in theme woth the stars on the background. I upload two variants of fonts, guide me which you like better as style. #38 or #39? What do you undertand by upscale font? a very "serious" one? Thank you, Andrei
  • Don't really like this one. It is a different look with the clouds and rainbow, but it just doesn't make me want cotton candy