Respectable Receptacle

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Winning design #39 by graphman, Graphic Design for Respectable Receptacle Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

We are a trash bin cleaning service.  Please check out or to learn more about what we do.  We are looking for graphics that can be used over multiple platforms, from brochures/flyers to website, truck banner and commercials.  We love humor and are planning on making fun of our name in the commercial.  Our drivers will be wearing a bright orange, yellow or green safety vest with a matching bow tie!  We like the cartoon look of dirty to clean garbage bins, but are not married to it if you come up with something better.  We would like the graphics to jump out at you, but be funny, not threatening.

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  • Can you take out the white ovals under the eyes on 36 and 37? #37
    • @loricarara Revised #40 & #41

  • Hi,here are my suggestions for your illustration. If you have any suggestions just let me know.Thank you. #38
  • @loricarara, I try to make alternate face #36 & #37.. Hope you like it.
    If there's anything else feel free to tell me.. :)
    regards, Erkou
  • we are close to choosing a winner
  • New Version. #35
  • Hi, Revised as your adjustment
    If there's anything else feel free to tell me.. :)
    Erkou #34
  • loricarara Hi, Do you have any suggestions regarding my design? Is my design visible?.. I couldn't help but notice that you said only one designer was responding. I don't know if you tried to reach out or not. Messages may not working. Also, Are you requiring a text along with the character? I see it say's Graphic design, and not logo. #28

    Thank you!
    • @graphman Hi, yes your design is visible ...and cute. The team is not meeting again until tomorrow to provide more feedback. I will reach back out tomorrow.

    • @loricarara Thank you! I made some additions to my proposal :) #33

  • Hi Loricara,
    Trying 2 different composition about Trash Bin Cleaning Service, Please check #31 and #32
    If there's any adjustment you need please feel free to tell me.
  • hope you like my example entry .... #30
  • Revise become a cute bandit, if you still have any adjustment feel free to tell me
    regards, Erkou #18
    • @erkou adorable!

    • @erkou Hi, so far #8 is our favorite. You are the only designer who has been responding. Are you able to see the other designs? If so, we would like to know if you could make a few adjustments. We really like the way our name Respectable Receptacle appears in design# 25 - the layout and the font. We also would like the image to say Trash Bin Cleaning Service somewhere in the design - we like it around the circle - It needs to be apparent. and lastly, is there a way to make the power washer look like water is coming out of it?

  • Here is my vision about your company.

    Hope that you like it.

    Best regards #25
  • this logo better fits the guidelines and is bigger in size #21
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #19
  • Revise become a bandit, if you still have any adjustment feel free to tell me
    regards, Erkou #17
  • About #8, @erkou
    love design, can you make him look like a bandit (eye mask)
  • About #5, @millagraphic
    Love design - it is in the running -
  • hello
    please check my design
    thank you #16
  • Revision #15
  • About #14, @aryaputraardana84
  • I hope you like it #14