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Winning design #80 by bulletproof, Graphic Design for Retail Sign for ECIGEXPRESS.COM Contest
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designed by bulletproof

Project description

We are an electronic cigarette company looking for a creative idea for a retail sign. The sign will most likely be CHANNEL LETTERS that are LED LIT. The store front can be seen by clicking this link The current sign which says Barbo furniture will be removed. You can use any color for the green facade, to make it more complimentary to your sign design. So basically use the green facade as your starting point. Color it whatever you feel will complement the sign. Since customers do not necessarily know the brand, it is important that we have the words "electronic cigarettes" on the sign. Feel free to visit our website for a look at our website, which may help you with ideas. Thank you :)

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  • dear sir, #1 I don't try to recycle existing sign, but make new sign with rounded edge, embossed aluminium/stainless steel frame, embossed acrylic logo and company name with lighting from inside of the box, thank you so much for feedbacks, i'll make revision soon best regards, kassai
  • The channel letters will go directly on the facade. It looks like you are using the existing sign backdrop. That is actually getting removed since it is an eyesore. Thanks for your entry!
  • Thanks for the entry. If you can try to get closer to our theme, based on our logo. We also need our logo in there somewhere. Thanks!
  • Can you upload the original ecigexpress logo, in its vector format if possible. Thanks. Liz
  • The sign should have the logo ecigexpress as well as the words "electronic cigarettes" as most customers do not know what ecigexpress is. Thank you
  • I did another one #39, please give feedback. The real colour is neon green and yellow, I had the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES in uppercase and larger than the brand. And now I want to point out some things if you don't mind. I do this since I used to work in the sign industry a couple of year before. - Please go, have a look, speak with a local sign shop, see and touch material types and colour also technologies available, ask them what they can offer, what cost are for fabrication and what cost are after that for running the sign. What guarantees do they offer. I am telling you this since channel letters and generally 3D signs can use various solutions. They can be front illuminated - from inside, reverse illuminated (rear halo style), semi or full opaque face and be only side or edge illuminated, vegas style lit, can have a colour when day and change colour when lit or combinations of above. Also, since it is a real help to us, designers, tell us if you want letters, or letters combined with lightboxes, and also please give us an approximative size of the wall. Also bear in mind that letters cand have almost any colour you want, imagine different colours, and think that the facade (wall)can be painted in ANY colour instead of the actual dark green for reasonable cost, in order to accomodate the letter colour you think it's best. All this issues are important so you get the best results from us. Thanks for reading and giving us directions to design. Andrei
  • Hi ch I can only agree with kassai. REal dimensions of the facade and type of sign you want would really help.... Thanks, Andrei
  • dear ch, I want to ask any question about signboard 1. can you provide us the actual size of green facade, so we can design proportionally in actual scale and size, or you provide us actual dimensions you want. ex. 150 x 750 cm 2. please decide what type of signs do you want; embossed letter, outdoor digital printing, board painting, neonsign. it's can be far different in style of design maybe it can help designers to design your signboard accurately thank so much best regards, kassai
  • Hello CH, Hi,Please review my designs,entry #12 , #13 , #14 , #15 , #16 , #17 , #18 ... Hope you will like them. If you want any change,please tell! I would love to modify designs to your liking! Open to suggestions,any feedback would be appreciated. Regards, Umair Aslam
  • Hello CH, please revie #10 - Thanks ! I'm open to any adjustments
  • #8 I tried to match the logo with the cigarette. Then i use the simbol of the letter "i with the usb" as the charger to give a idea of a electonic ciagarett, and then I put the text in the figure of the cigarette "electronic cigarettes" in that way everyone who see it can have one idea of what is that without reading that!
  • So far we are leaning towards #5. It's not quite there yet, but something of that style really seems to work.
  • anything about #6? Or it's too late to catch up with 7? Thanks
  • I still like the top one better. We are almost there with this one. The problem we have is we need Electronic Cigarettes to be very visible. From the looks of this picture, it looks like it might not be large enough. Any way to make the users eyes notice electronic cigarette?
  • Thanks for the feedback I choose red for the letter since I saw that it's the corporate color of your company. I think that the red from TruLED plexiglas would be visible on the green background, but i'm not sure anumore, maybe you check with a local sign shop. It's not that important since the letters can be any colour i guess, the shape of the design is important. I removed the cigarette, played around with the letters, made the brand name smaller. I made it yellow, but i was thinking of neon green too instead of yellow. The ideea is that I try to keep it simple, letters without any holder, resembling the font in your brand. Waiting for feedback, maybe giving me some hints would be helpfull. Have a nice day!
  • I will get the original vector logo up once I get a hold of it. For now I uploaded the PSD of the logo. Thanks
  • If you could superimpose this on the facade, I think we will need to change the color of the facade. Can you try and make it integrate with the facade and do not use that sign holder. The letters will attach directly to the facade. Thanks!
  • Seems like with this type of design, we need to change the color of the facade. I am not too fond of the cigarette in between as it doesn't look integrated. It is getting there though. Thank you for the entry!
  • You are definitely on to something here. Since ecigexpress is not a known brand, I wonder if you can make the "ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE" part larger, and integrate the ecigexpress in a different way.
  • here is my entry. plain letters routed out of red plexiglass and black matte finish metal sides + cigarette printed and applied on white plexiglass also with blakc matte finish metal sides. Illuminated with power leds. I recommend Plexiglas trueLED. I think the solution is cost effective too, red looks good from distance. A question: what is the real heignt of the greenish part of the wall where it's to be applied? Waiting for feedback Thanks