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Winning design #27 by edro, Graphic Design for Rozgé Contest
Gold Medal

designed by edro

Project description

We are looking for a label design concept that can be used as the basis for our line of products. We manufacture high end skin care, so we are looking for a clean, simple yet modern look. Our packing within the lines include tubes and jars. Some product packaging we like include Murad, Clinique Medical, and Skintitut. Our bottles/tubes/jars are white. The label must include: - Product name - Our logo (R with square - found at our website - small) - Size - Ingredients (on back) - Short product description I've attached some of our products so you can see what our packaging looks like. We do not want to have any images on it anymore, and are looking for a modern, clean feel.

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  • Definitely the clean feel we're going for. We don't want the logo to be as prominent however, and the ingredients will go on the back so it's not visible when you're looking at the product straight on.
    • Hello. Are my new designs going the right direction (#5, #6, #7)? Please ignore #4.

    • Yeah definitely! The front of #7 with the back of #5 are our favorites so far. Do you have any other concepts that you can show?

    • I'd like to design more but I'd want to hear if you have any suggestions. Is the design going to be grayscale or with colors?

    • It's going to be with color. We have several categories of products (anti-aging, hair care, skin lightening, etc) and want each category to have a color. If you take a look at Murad, it's similar to their product lines. Hair care will be blue, skin lightening will most likely be green, anti aging will probably be yellow/orange.

    • I would design for the other products but I would like to know how #10 is working so far. #11 is a new design. What color would be the cap?

    • Between #10 and #11, #11 is our top choice. We like that the color band is smaller and looks more delicate with clean lines. Could you make the logo a little smaller and gray? We don't want it to be as bold and prominent. Could you also show how it would look on a jar? Great work so far!

    • Cap would be white. All of our packaging is white except for a few items.

    • Here's the update: #21. Here are the jar mock-ups: #22, #23, #24. I've made the cap into different colors before reading your reply. Sorry about that.

  • For the logo, it shouldn't be a prominent part of the label design. The ingredient lists will be on the back side of the label. The only things that should be visible on the front are logo, name of product, product size, a few descriptive words (3-5 words) about the product.
  • Hi CH, Could you please let me know what do you think about my entries #8 & #9
    • Between #8 and #9, we prefer #9. Can you make the logo smaller and move it over the left solid bar?

    • Thank you for the feedback and please have a look to the new entries after modifications and hope you will like #13 #14 #15

  • This looks great. For the fill size, can you put it on one line? Can I see this design applied to a round bottle (similar to and a jar ( as well?
    • Thank you for your helpful feedback and please check entries #25 and #26

  • The fill size is too large. It shouldn't be longer than the short product description on the front. With the back, it looks like the font size is going to have to be really small if we try to fit it all into the watermark logo. Can you utilize the space above the logo? With the icons, they can be side by side. Let's stick with this color scheme for the submissions, it's easier to view than the other one.
    • please check #19 and #20 as i did modifications according to the feedback

  • Looks good. A really nice, clean look. We're debating whether or not there's too much white space next to the product name, or it's just enough. Can you add in a product fill size?
    • Could you please check #17 and #18 as my new entries

  • We like the watermark on the back. We usually have more text on the back (Directions, Usage, Caution, Storage), so can you give an idea of how we can make that look nice on the back (the logo is a good size as it is, so if there's another way to do it without making the logo look too big)? For the front, we prefer the logo to be detached form the rectangle (as in #14 & #15.)
  • The lines aren't clean. Not really the look we're going for.
  • This is definitely a top choice as of right now. Could you make the logo on the front smaller and grey? We don't want it to be as bold and prominent.
  • Looks great! We're really happy with this design so far. Can you change the color to a dark red just so we can see how it would look with a non-pastel color? Thanks.
    • its great that you like it..Thank you Please check #27 with dark red color as you mentioned

  • Looking at the label and imagining it with a white cap, it looks like there may be too much white with just one strip of color. Any ideas to add more color to the label?