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Winning design #84 by sp3l4, Graphic Design for Safespill Systems Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sp3l4

Project description

Looking for someone to redesign a graphic so we can use it on our website and trade show booth! The current graphic we use is attached below. I also attached our logo because we would like to incorporate our orange color, if possible. The word "fuel" needs to be crossed out or eliminated somehow, displaying that our product eliminates the fuel component in a fire. We would like for this image to be eye catching and accurately display our message without being too complex/wordy. 

Update: Our font is Blair ICT Medium if you can use that! Also, the universal symbol for a fire is a triangle so we would like to keep it a triangle so people recognize what we are doing (no circles or other shapes).

Update 2: Can anyone make something more 3D looking?

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  • I hope you like it thanks. #147
  • I hope you like it thanks. #146
  • I hope you like it thanks. #145
  • Please take alook of my design #142
  • Please take alook of my design #141
  • Open for Suggestions. #140
  • Greetings @megan2,
    Would you like to see some more revisions for this design?
    Waiting for your feedback. Thanks #80

  • Try to see if this suits you :) #137

  • I am very happy to participate in the content that you are holding, hopefully I can compete well, and this is my design. I wait for the input Thank you #122
    • @nayla88 that is not our logo

    • @megan2 Maksudnya bukan logo kami bagaimana tuan?

  • Thanks for your feedback. Here is the newest submission with the requested changes. If you see anything else you would like changed, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks again. #60
    • @Worker5 Thank you!! I really like this! I updated the post recently but our branded font is Blair ITC Medium. Can you try using that if you can't already? Also, can I see what it would look like with our orange as the fire? I know you used our orange for the heat section so maybe put that back to red and the fire orange? Not sure how that would look but I love the use of our floor!

    • @megan2 I have submitted 5 more versions for your review, entries 95 to 99 and have added comments for each one in the comments section. I have included the Blair ITC Medium font for your logo to all the new versions. Let me know if you see anything you would like changed or if there is something in one version that you would like to see in another version, even possibly combining 2 of them side by side (like 98 and 99). As you will see or may have already seen, 98 is a nozzle extinguishing version and 99 is a smoldering smoke version, after the fire is out. Thank you for your interest in my designs.

    • @Worker5 are these entries in blair itc medium? It looks different

    • @megan2 Hi, yes they are except 60 which was just a tracing of your logo. I've downloaded your font Blair ITC Medium. What does not appear to be right? The only thing I can see is that when your logo is very small, the crossbars on the E and F look closer together.

  • i hope you like, what a font for this " Safespill Systems " #127
  • In case you wanted to see the Fuel being removed from the process. Thanks #117
  • Another version with where I turned the smoldering smoke into more of a fire. Thanks #116
  • About #61, @Nasrul I like this one and the color scheme matches the universal symbol. Any chance you can add something to show we eliminate fuel? Not looking for a line through the word or a cross, something different.
    • @megan2 thanks for the feedback..please check out #107 #108 #109 for some of the ideas...thanks

  • Hi! Im open to any comment and suggestion.
    Thanks. #106
  • Well, I've added another one. This is a better version of the smoldering smoke on your floor as a result of your system removing the fuel, the fire is minimized or eliminated. Thanks #99
  • For this new entry, 4 of 4, I borrowed an idea from watching your videos on your website and installed a nozzle extinguishing system. Just a thought. Thanks #98
  • In this new entry, 3 of 4, I've added triangular corners to "finish" the triangle and added a little extra detailing in the flames. Thanks #97
  • In this entry, 2 of 4, I added a little extra details here, used your font Blair ITC Medium and moved the fire onto the middle of your floor. Let me know if you would like to see any changes. Thanks #96
  • This is 1 of 4 more that I am submitting based on your recent feedback comments. The font for your logo is Blair ITC Medium and I removed the smoldering smoke and changed it to a fire based on your logo orange. The next 2 are a little more "amp'd" up. Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see. Thanks #95