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Winning design #41 by HappyGD, Graphic Design for Scrum overview picture Contest
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designed by HappyGD

Project description

An new version of an "overview picture" is required for an updated version of the document "Scrum Primer". The current version of the picture can be found at: (figure 1). The labels need to be changed slightly so it will need to be delivered in a format that allows that (e.g. illustrator). When googling "Scrum Overview" on google images, you can find a lot of versions already. This will need to look a bit 'better' than the current available versions.

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  • Schbal: Ah yeah, the final picture in the document would be about the same size. Though, if it isn't a vector image, then the resolution would need to be higher so that it could also be used in different documents (such as slide presentations)
  • I mean the size now is about one third of the page. So I know that in vector format it doesn't matter, but.. you know, the ratio and portrait-landcsape, etc..
  • Schbal: I'm not sure what you mean. Could you please clarify your question.
  • DesignCobra: Well, it will need a bit more than just a colored version of the original. The original diagram is... ugly :)
  • Dear contest holder, can be bigger the new version?
  • Hello sir..! any color proposal sir..? or any font proposal.?
  • HappyGD: I'd like it color, but in such a way that it would look good when it is printed out in B&W.
  • Hello basv, Would you like the overview picture to be in color or greyscale?
  • IndiaFX: Other structures are also ok. However, it will need to still present Scrum correctly. The document in the brief describes it and the different links I've added as comment also gives different styles of pictures. It'll need to be consistent with the concept, but the exact picture can change... as long as it is consistent. Does that make sense?
  • Dear CH Its really an interesting contest, i'll upload my entries soon. Apart of all I want tell you that I know about the scrum as "An ordered formation of players in which the forwards of each team push against up against each other with arms interlocked and heads", so the relation of object should keep same as old version or I can work for some other relational structure too. Thanks and Regards India FX
  • HappyGD: Its a good start. Its a bit too much like the old version. I've added some new example pictures below. Also, the people icons don't look too good.
  • All: Some additional example images of a "Scrum Overview". The current entries look a little bit too much like the old one. A bit more ideas would make it better. Examples of other pictures:
  • Hello basv, I've submitted design #2. I checked to make sure it looks good printed in B&W. All text is editable. Feel free to let me know how you feel about the colors and layout, or what other changes you have in mind. Thank-you
  • HappyGD: Thanks. It looks interesting. I can give a lot of comments, but will keep it short from now. It is hard to see what is "an activity" (Sprint Planning) and what is "an artifact" (Product Backlog). Also, the reviewing isn't really checking, so the checkmark symbols are a bit wrong. Personally I prefer people to not wear ties :P Also, it is a bit too complex, some information can probably still be removed. But it is a nice new perspective, I like that! I'll try to comment more later.
  • basv, I decided to go with a different approach for entry #4 ; the 3D look took up too much unnecessary space. Based on some of the additional examples you supplied, I arranged a more organized and practical workflow structure.
  • You can't take someones design idea and use it as your own your idea is found here
  • HappyGD: It is better, but still missing a couple of things: 1. Review will need to be at the end of the cycle, above the increment. 2. The "Product Backlog Refinement" is missing" 3. Could you have icons with multiple roles? e.g. in a Sprint Review, it is the Stakeholders, Team, ScrumMaster and PO attending. So, it could have an icon with all these? Or would that clutter too much? 4. "Sprint process" -> "Sprint" 5. The arrow from ScrumMaster can be gone. He'll need to be in the picture, but perhaps a bit seperate or as part of the other icons (as above) 6. "Scrum Team" -> "Development Team" 7. The line from the Team to Daily Scrum is a bit awkward 8. Sprint planning is missing "part 1 and 2" 9. Sprint Backlog contains "work" and not "priorities and organization" 10. Could you make the entry into the cycle more visible, especially as it is suppose to be a continuous cycle 11. "reviewing" -> "Sprint Review" Thats it for now. Hope this helps.
  • IndiaFX: Looking forward to the updated version... the contest isn't very long anymore :)
  • basv, I've added some subtle details as shown in #12 . e.g. updated Reviewing and Increment icons. Let me know what's on your mind and if you have any comments or feedback. Thanks again
  • Thanks you for your quick response, now i can understand that what you want to tell me. I assured you for my resubmission soon. Have a nice day. Regards IndiaFX