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Being able to harness the collective creativity of an army of competent designers, to channel an idea in a certain direction is simply unbeatable. Great concept and service, but best of all the designer who won my competition has demonstrated he is very, very good at what he does.

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Winning design #64 by rown, Graphic Design for Simple illustrations Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rown

Project description

This project is for 3 simple vector illustrations. The winning designer will then need to agree to provide a further 9 illustrations (which will be very similar or even simpler) in the same style for an additional $350 in a one on one project. The illustrations will be used to create a short 2 min (flash) video that can be used in a presentation and if succesful also on the web.

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  • Hi, still the wrong type of feel. I prefer something similar to the styles of Rown and Adrianl
  • nice, although would also be nice to see whether a bit of a black outline works with it as well
  • Don't need words to describe sale as the voice over will make it obvious. Also the graphics aren't what I'm looking for, but thanks for trying
  • I like this style
  • I like this style
  • Like this style
  • Too clean but thanks for having a go
  • and btw, can You inform CH about giving me an slots to continue with this contest? Thank You
  • The shading adds a nice dimension which we could explore towards the end of the competition, but i don't like the darkness around the eyes. Would prefer if you spent time on the house as i think the people are pretty good already and fine tuning can be done if you can get the house looking good. big thanks,
  • Thanks but needs completely re-doing to be similar in feel to #17. Your figures are great, just need to get the house there. Thanks very much
  • can you re do same house shape as #17 but more like #10 and #9
  • don't like the moustache. looks more like a comedy charachter than professional or nice homely home owner. thanks though.
  • thanks. you followed the brief exactly. however, i've realised that an ever so slightly tidier finish is closer to the brand i have.
  • thanks. you followed the brief exactly. however, i've realised that an ever so slightly tidier finish is closer to the brand i have.
  • thanks, i think it works. however, the flat cap and bent arm give the wrong impression. would be interested to see without these. thanks
  • as per #16, can i see a cut out and drop shadow effect? thanks,
  • Really like this. Can you try the cut out and drop shadow effect please. I like the shadow on the floor so include that. As we progress i may want to see how this looks in different shades though appreciate you reading the brand guidelines.
  • I like this a lot. What does it look like with a window on the top right (same size as the window on the top left)? But i really like how you've made this look like a home a family would want to live in... thus appealling to the public. Could you also try the cut out and drop shadow effect please like rown's and adrianl's characters?
  • Hi Vicky, Yes, sure I've seen this image before. but I did not used it. As you know I live in diffrent area, architecture here is other than in uk, thats way I've looked up for houses, but it's slightly diff from that file and the style is completely diffrent. And thats way I've made it on my own. The other one #11 is drawed from a picture of a house, thats making problem too?
  • Not quite the feeling i'm trying to create, but thanks for having a go