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Winning design #9 by ganyanya, Graphic Design for SingleSource Contest
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designed by ganyanya

Project description

Our company just moved into a new office space and we have a long central corridor that is sitting blank right now - it is the perfect canvas for a custom wall art/wall sign.  We have 4 main product lines (described below) and I was thinking that I would like to have 4 squares depicting the essence of each service line.  They would be printed onto acrylic, with metal standoffs, probably rounded corners, and would most likely measure 48"x36" for each of the 4 pieces.

Here is a description of each product line in the hopes that this can help come up with something unique!  I found plenty of clip arts that had houses, and keys, and depicted someone receiving a new home, but I figured there has to be something better! 

I am open to proposals that include the listed department name (Valuations, REO Asset Management, Property Preservation, Title and Closing) or which don't include the name.  Whatever looks best.

Thank you for all of your help!!

Valuations – This groups is comprised of Appraisals and Broker Price Opinions.  Both products require the use of local real estate experts (either an Appraiser or an Agent/Realtor) to prepare a report that looks at a house in comparison to other similar homes that have recently sold and that are currently listed for sale, to help determine an estimate of value for the Subject property.  These groups must be quick on turntime and accurate with the value placed on the reports. 

REO Asset Management – This group is responsible for helping to sell our clients Real Estate Owned (foreclosure) listings.  We are assigned a property that the bank/servicer has foreclosed on and then we work with a local real estate agent/broker to value the property, set a list price, solicit and negotiate offers on the property, and then eventually end with the closing of the property and sale to the buyer.  This group must be good stewards of the properties they are responsible for, manage them as if they were managing their own home being sold, be diligent in ensuring that nothing is standing in the way of the sale of the property (i.e. liens, city violations, etc) and help our clients get the best contract (top dollar) for their properties.

Property Preservation – This group is responsible for preserving and maintaining properties that our clients are in the process of selling.  Services could include lawn care, debris removal (exterior and interior), and repairing damage or health and safety issues.  This group really stabilizes neighborhoods and transforms vacant and many times abandoned properties into homes that help support neighborhood values, fight neighborhood blight, and helps our clients get top dollar for their listings.

Title and Closing – This group is responsible for working with our Lenders to provide Title products and loan closings for both Refinance and Purchase loans. We perform Title searches either on-line or at the local courthouses to determine lenders lien position in their lending transaction. We search for mortgage liens, judgments and taxes. Once the search is complete we perform Title Clearing services to insure the lender will be in their proper lien position. We then prepare the HUD or Closing Disclosure statement to let the buyers and sellers and lenders know all of the fees to be charged in the transaction. This group will schedule the closing at the customer’s convenience and assign a notary to conduct the closing. This group will then Disburse the loan according to the lenders instructions and file the Mortgage or deed at the local courthouses. We are a licensed Title agent in 37 states. We help put buyers in their new homes!

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  • Hi, we really like this and it is a finalist - we plan to decide Monday. Thanks! #1
    • About #1, @singlesource thank you for appreciate my propose design, if you want some change in m design, you can ask me

  • Hi, we really like the 2nd group of submissions (the group that doesn't have hands). This is a finalist and we plan to decide Monday. Thanks! #9
  • Hi..Any sample design do you want to provide to guide the designer?thanks..
    • @Nasrul Hello! I am sorry, I don't have a sample that I wanted to compare against. I was just hoping for some fresh ideas. Take care!

    • @singlesource please read the comment below

    • @singlesource Hello Singlesource ! First i would like to say that i know the designs have been disappointing and half of the designers at least did not even read the brief, but as a designer, after spending several hours working on a project like this, it is better for me to spend more hours to get a chance at least than having the hours that i spent go to waste, so if you're still interested in getting the wall at the corridor filed, Here is my suggestion :

      If you still want some decent designs, you are capable of extending the deadline so you can have more people to enter the contest, and I'm sure you will get some few decent designs, and also you're capable of eliminating entries that do not stick to the brief or violate it, for example if there is an entry that is not the right size as you described 48X36, you can simply eliminate it and this shows how serious you are so people become more attentive and read the brief carefully. Second The Brief itself was full of a lot of things, and you were expecting fresh ideas (hopefully you have a clear idea of what you want by now), for me personally i did the simplest of what I could to stick to what you've asked me to do, but still I was lost in vagueness, so my question is here do you want like to show in each image the process with all steps in each; like for example if I am doing about the valuations should i do it as process or a bunch of steps each showing everything that happens in the department itself? or what do you exactly imagine?. And Finally if you can not expand the deadline or have no intentions of re-making the contest or simply lost the interest, then thank you for reading till the end of this, and I hope I enter one of your contests again.

  • WOrking on the colors of last one ( the one with key chain) #21
  • The Backgrounds in my design do "NOT" violate any copyright, and I have proof of it. Also I still got the psd file so I can edit any of the four designs at any time in case you, singlesource, want it. #2
  • Hai, Hello #11