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I am glad that I came across The whole process was easy and brilliant. The only drawback was pricing the Prize. I believe a proper guide could be established with some real finalized design examples and their prize so clients can take this as a starting point to prize their coming contest.

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Winning design #36 by notsu100, Graphic Design for Snack Can Label Contest
Gold Medal

designed by notsu100

Project description

Krayim's is a new brand for canned snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, popcorn, dried herbs, etc. A design for a PET canister with Diameter (99mm), Height (20cm), Capacity (1500ml) is needed. The label should be placed only at the front of the canister and should not cover the whole front area. The label should incorporate the brand name "Krayim's " as a defined logo. Also, a brief description of the snack should be highlighted in a strategic place in the label and in a delicious way e.g. Caramelized Popcorn: light and crunchy Carmel. Also, include the net weight at the bottom right corner of the label. The artwork should be designed in various colours where each snack has it own colour and design patterns. The design should be classy, elegant, simple, modern and clean. The design should not include the picture of the snack. Fell free to get creative.

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  • Hi CH, About #9 - Where I placed the picture of the popcorn is supposed to be a cutout, where the client will be able to see the actual product that in the can ,through a hole in the label. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks! Dana
  • You are not aloud to use clipart, stock images in label design. Your design must be original and fully created by you; Source:,1285086372,1/stock-vector-vintage-labels-collection-for-a-product-sticker-template-with-design-elements-set-of-golden-61433023.jpg
  • Hello dear CH, I've posted #2 an original design that fits this type of food to my opinion. The design is easy to change just changing the background color, also the design is for print. I hope you like it. please rate/comment for more drafts/changes. Thanks and good luck
  • please feedback my entry #19 if you any change .please tell me thank you Ibrahim Nassar
  • please feedback my entry #34 thank you ibrahim nassar
  • Please could you remove the gold stripes from the design. Thanks
  • Classic. The design looks like if it is for a tea label. Thank you.
  • Please could you try to stretch the length of the label. Thanks
    • Thank you for the feedback and rating. Please check #37 and #38. Thanks!

  • Please could you change the colors into more vibrant colors such as orange, purple, navy, maroon etc. Also, could you give it a try with another font style for Krayim's. Thanks
  • Good job. Please could you make the design look like a label instead of covering the whole can. Also, could you make another copy of that design with a white base instead of the black one. Thanks
    • In design #36 there are 4 different variants. If I understood correctly, then the can itself is going to be transparent?

  • Hi Ch. i hope you fine i have send to you design #27 i hope you like my work thanks brst regards babar786
  • I submitted #40 , #32 , #29 . I have 2 submissions left, any feedback would be appreciated. #40 was made to wrap around the can, just so ya know. Thanks.