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Winning design #33 by TCMdesign, Graphic Design for SunWorks Contest
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designed by TCMdesign

Project description

After a great first experience, I am here again looking for designs for the following items: 1. Business Cards 2. Letterhead 3. Envelopes 4. Banner Here is the company information: SunWorks 927 Calle Negocio Suite J San Clemente, CA 92673 Phone: 949.388.0862 Fax: 949.388.0864 Website: I would like these items to follow the direction of the logo, simple, corporate and soft. For the banner please keep in mind SunWorks is a solar installation company. Perhaps some vector images with our website and phone number would be most appropriate. I prefer clean vector images over stock photos. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you in advance. I'm excited to see the designs.

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  • Dear CH, please check my designs letterhead, business card, envelopes i hope you like my idea appreciated feedback thanks
    • Hi Rajagee! These look fantastic! Few things.. #1 We need to separate "Suite J" and "San Clemente". Please drop down the city "San Clemente" to the next line below "Suite J". Also remove the "#" from Suite J. #2 I forgot to add our contractor license number so please add "License #991040" somewhere. #3 I'm hoping your going to submit a design for a banner. To help you visualize what I'm looking for, this would be a large banner hanging on the side of a building while we are working on it to advertise our company. Beyond these items your design looks great!

    • Dear CH, thanks for feedback, License #991040 add all stationary items or only letterhead ?

    • All items please, it's required by our law. Also I'd like to remove the reflection underneath the letters only but leave the shadow under the "O" on all items. Thanks Rajagee!

    • I liked it the way you had it the first time with the sun watermarked in the bottom corner. I would just add the license number under the website address in the green bar.

    • Everything looks great in #13 just take out the reflection/shadows in the letters S-U-N-W-R-K-S

    • Dear CH, thanks for feedback you want solid color in the letters S-U-N-W-R-K-S ?

    • No under the letters there are shadows or reflections. I want them removed. The only shadow should be under the "O".

    • Dear CH, i upload #16 as your required changes i hop you like thanks

  • This was an accident and should not have been eliminated.
  • Thank you for the submission but this is for stationary design not logo.
  • #1 & #2 Thanks for your submission. I need to get business cards, letterheads, banners and envelopes.
  • #17 & #18 Hi TCM - Please provide a design with an over sized envelope. Also I did not see a design for a banner. Please provide these so I can make my final selection. Thanks so much in advance!
  • Dear CH, about Banner can i use stock images in your banner, you want to purchase after award the project ? also what is the banner size ?
  • Hi CH, thanks for your rating. For the banner, what size do you want?
    • Hi TCM - I like #23 but I would like to add the words "Solar Installation" on there somehow. I also would still like to see an oversized envelope design.

    • Also, I like the bottom design on #17 but I like how everything is centered on the business card on #18. Do you think it would work to center everything on #17 or do you think it will look awkward? Lastly please add the Facebook and YouTube icons to everything.

    • I submited #33 with bottom design from #17 but use business card layout from #18, and add "Solar Installation" to the banner. And #34 is oversized envelope. I don't know what size do you want, but I use 11"x17" in landscape design. Thanks.

  • Contest Holder I have attached the following items, on #26 front and back of the business card, #27 banners, #28 front and back of the small envelope, #29 letterhead/letter bottom and #30 front and back of the big envelope. I hope it satisfies your needs. I look forward to get any feedback from you. Best regards, Aura Mariani & Diego Esaú NetworkArte Graphic & Web Design Agency