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I like the design werry mouch. but the processs this time has been more frustrating than last time. and i didnt get all that i had expected, and endedup paying more than originaly was the plan. bur im looking forward to seing the printed result ;-)

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Winning design #29 by sunface, Graphic Design for Tabels, brochure, and QR Contest
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designed by sunface

Project description

1. I need a ”basic” computer drawing of pain flucturation. In the background there should be pale colous that can relate to a lot of pain, less pain, feeling ok - feeling good. (i tried to draw exampe wich i attatched) and then this basic drawing needs to be addapted to treatmentplans (aproximatley 10, i will aply text and drawings that you will addapt so they look good and proffesional) with text bubles and som small drawings of different kindes of exersise. The size should be like the banners on my webpage, so that i can use them there aswell. The pictures needs to be in a format so that i later can change size without them beeing blurry. 2. comersial Brocure design. using some of these tables from assignment 1, qr code i attached one (its not working, i will provide it, just make it possible, to change the qr kode.), and icons from my buisness. the text in this brochure will be about my clinic, chiropractic education, treatment, treatment plans and price. Im thiniking it shold be 3 folded, but am open to suggestions. I attatched text, but it needs to be possible for me to change text/ pictures. here are some links for "inspiration" (my cilinic) (danish chiropractic assostation) (baccelor education) (kandidat education) If you have ideas to picures tell me my husband is pretty good at capturing moments if only he have the motif :-)

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  • the rate is too low for three things... you should make the prize bigger to attract designers
  • thanks for input. I removed one of the assignments hopefully that will be enough.... but if not i will have to consider just doing a nonprofessional version myself... :-) vh sara
  • please provide pictures for 3 fold flyer & some more sketch send me as u want thanx
  • i alsow attatched the files from webpage aswell, if you can use anything from there
  • oh i see now NEF files is the pictures...i not sure how to change that thogh...
  • ok? dont know what a NEF file is. the pdf file i think was created because it was not possible to enlarge the pictures on my car for jepg does that sound right?, the jpeg pictures that i had previously is therfore thrown out.... I have now attatched a file named tables for pain. The one on top is the most important one. The idea was for the style to be created here, and then just adapted to different curves...
  • I will try and do what I can and if you like it we can always negotiate.
  • NEF files are the wrong type cannot open them at all in any software package PlEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SAVE FILES IN ADOBE PDF MOST ART PACKAGES ARE MUCH HAPPIER WITH JPEGS, AND GIFS. RESOLUTION 300DPI or less. I am not angry at all. I want to help you but without these changes it is very frustrating. Many thanks KWynn
  • hi I would be most grateful if I could have somne feed back Many thanks
  • I have put alot of colours in my designs I dont know how much colour you want or how much pou are prepared to spend on printng.
  • Hi I did this primary to see if I have satisfied the brief. please let me know
  • HI Submitted first part on banners Since I am not Dutch or Norwegian etc It would be helpful if you could clarify the text for each drawing. from koalakev
  • hello, i can use all files although pdf and nef for project 1 do you need a figure that is in pain ,then less pain,then less pain,then ok?i am asking because i can only submit 3 entries ( i am new) and i have to understand exactly what you want
  • About the language barrier to danish with someone commented. The language is not that important to begin with. As long as we a basic table can be created, with shifting colors for describing more or less pain, timeline on x axis, less pain/good function going up on y axis. and also bubbles that later on can contain text describing curves etc.
  • just ask if you need clarifying pictures or text
  • kolakev: sorry for the delay been busy, hope that helps you? I'm considering prolonging the contest but i will be in norway until saturday, so I'm not sure if that will help on time perspective? i have tomorrow morning swell where i can give feedback.
  • elpisk, the table of pain; the top signals minimum pain, the bottom signals much pain. so just colors matching, i think with relatively high opacity, it should catch their eyes but not "scrrem" it into their eyes.
  • This one is your best suggestion although go more for the green colors. i can se they the green bottom color of NORD the previous designer got wrong, can u range it? se my webpage its a bit darker i think... many the picture of me should be at the back cover? and on the front many Spine icon in the middle the KIRONORD icon on top? and address and phone number on bottom?
  • its only the tables that needs the fluturationg colors, the brochure should stay in the shades of the clinic with is primary green. i think the others you made are better though
  • Verry "thik colours" green needs to be the top color. needs x and y axis with possibility to add text, x axis is timeline, and Y is going upwards more pain/worse function