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Winning design #21 by yopanda, Graphic Design for TauBu Beer - Product Re-Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yopanda

Project description

The TauBu Beer company is looking for a fresh new look for its product line. Images will be used on snowboards, t-shirts, hats and skateboards. View the full product line at http://www.taubu.com/store/cart.php

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  • dear ch.....i apologize for the wrong submission for entry #2... im really sorry... please eliminated my wrong entry design.. thank you...:)
  • Logos & characters can be found via these links: http://www.taubu.com/Art-Contest/man-blue.ai http://www.taubu.com/Art-Contest/man-green.ai http://www.taubu.com/Art-Contest/man-red.ai http://www.taubu.com/Art-Contest/Poster-1_22x28.psd http://www.taubu.com/Art-Contest/Window_11x17.psd Note that graphics must be vector & large enough for printing on a snowboard. Snowboard designs will be for both the top and bottom of the board. Clothing designs can go on the front, back or both. Visit our website to get a feel for the brand: www.taubu.com
  • Nice design, however a little too "clean" for our audience. Think "grungier"
  • Logo is not currently available in vector - copy the layer from one of the two PSD files.
  • Hello ch Where can I download the logo in vector ? best regards SANT2
  • I uploaded my designs variable in color and size I hope you like best regards
  • I wasn't sure about the grunge on design 5. If you would like to see without grunge or change any colors or add any elements to the design, I am more than happy to do so. Thank you for the opportunity. Jerehme
  • No limit - make it as colorful as you would like.
  • Hello, Just wondering if there is a limit to how many colors are used? Be Blessed, Jerehme
  • I'm very sorry for the duplicate submission. I illustrator added some extra room when I converted to a jpg. so I re submitted a more centered version. Thank you, Christopher Pairan
  • I was wondering, do you want a new logo or a rearrangement of the designs you already have? I am unclear as to your meaning of fresh. Thank You, Christopher Pairan
  • These are all looking great, especially the designs from sant2. Please be sure to always include our logo on any design as that will not be changing. Also, use of the characters is a PLUS, but try to not simply rehash what we already have - we are looking for FRESH designs.
  • Hello, Just curious if I could get a little feed back on designs 15,16,17, and 5. Just wondering if I'm going in the right direction and also to help me grow as a designer as well. Thank you for your time and opportunity. Jerehme
  • well not so much time for that, but uploaded as quick preview (As you can see image is seperated thougth both part of underwear) Regards, FullHeads visuals
  • One final note, if anyone wants to play on the "bad girl" image (refer to our line of lingerie here: http://www.taubu.com/store/Womens/Lingerie-c15/) that would definitely score some points with our panel of judges.
  • WOW, some great entries over the past day - only one hour remaining, be sure to get your designs in!
  • #22 #23 #24 some feed back would be appechiated, as i understood you dont want to use the mask you already have is that right ? as well if selected i would ask a vector logo of yours to insert it professionally, since now it just traced image (if you dont have one i will replcate exact one, but i doubt you dont have one) Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • chrispairan - refer to the post an hour before yours.
  • Hi CH, please checkout my design #21 included a skateboard mock up so you can visualize the design on other products thanks! =)
  • You have been chosen as a runner up and will be receiving a second place prize. Please send your contact information to