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Winning design #50 by operhal, Graphic Design for Telecommunications Company: Holiday Greeting Card Contest
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designed by operhal

Project description

UPDATE: All - thank you for your submissions so far, there is some great stuff! I wanted to clarify that the employee card should be quite different from the customer card - the employee card can be a little bit quirky and fun, but the customer card needs to be more sophisticated and corporate in nature. Please load the designs as one entry - each entry should include 2 cards - one customer card and one for employees. Thank you! Please note: I have participated in Design Contest as a designer, but require assistance for my day job - design work is not part of my day to day job and we really need your help! We require a holiday greeting card and envelope for customers, suppliers and staff. The ask is the following: - 2 different designs (1 for employees from the company president, 1 for customers) - Matching envelope design - Card must fit a standard A7 envelope (5.75" x 7.25") - Logo placement should be indicated with FPO box (logo is horizontal in nature) and appear on the front of the card - Horizontal of vertical layout is fine - Interior of card will feature 2 - 3 line greeting (lorem ipsum is fine for design purposes) Employee Card: It would be nice if we could somehow incorporate our corporate values into the design (last year the card featured snowflakes that were made of the values). Our values are: Unity Respect Innovation Passion Agility Integrity Card should be holiday themed, but not feature 'Christmas' symbols specifically. Generic trees, wreaths, winter scenes etc work. Customer Card: Smart, sophisticated and polished Our brand personality: We like to push the envelope and stand out in the crowd - we enjoy being disruptive. What we do: We provide business communications solutions and Managed IT services to some of Canada's largest organizations (if you would like to elude to this in your design please do so in a smart way - please no fibre optic Christmas trees. Our corporate colours: Please design to CMYK specifications Primary: Dark Blue: 100/79/17/3 Gold: 0//28/76/0 Secondary: GREEN C 65/ M 27/ Y 100/ K 10 BLUE C 70/ M 20/ Y 8/ K 0 PURPLE C 68/ M 71/ Y 0/ K 0 Look forward to seeing your submissions!

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  • Hi shawnagee, I just wanna ask if you need a PSD format or a vector one for the final output? Thank you. DRGO
  • Hi Abdul700 - going to eliminate based on preference for a different direction, but please take another shot at it using my earlier feedback. Thanks.
  • Eliminating based on preference for your other entry of a similar style and design
  • Eliminating based on preference for your other entry of a similar style and design
  • Eliminating based on preference of your other entry of a similar style and design
  • Eliminating based on preference of other entry.
  • Hi Acorsys - like this one, but would like to see an accompanying version for customers. Would the 'employees card back' actually be the interior of the card?
  • Hi Abdul700 - we need two cards, 1 for customers and 1 for employees. The cards should be displayed in the same post. Front of cards should have a space for our logo vs. a holiday greeting. The christmas ornaments in this one look a little too clip art like for me. I like the direction of the base layer, but would like to see some consistency throughout the design and a better use of our colours. Thanks for the entry!
  • Hi operhal - eliminating this one based on the preference of the other submission
  • Hi operhal - definitely a favourite for the employee card. Thank you for making the requested change. Could you take a stab at revising the customer card to make it a little less playful - maybe a different direction? But definitely love the employee card.
  • Hi morgan103 - not bad, but not quite in the right direction. Thank you for creating 2 versions of the card. Try incorporating some of the colour mentioned in the brief and also, please leave a place holder for the logo vs. a greeting. I would like to see another illustration of sorts included - thank you
  • Hi OmegaArt - thanks for the additional entry, unfortunately not a fan of the bells. Also would like to include some of the colours listed in the brief. Thank you!
  • Hi all, I have updated to the brief. Please take a look. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, please check this version #19 I've changed message on the bottom and put lorem ipsum text. I also tried to make customers cards to look more like first one. Back of the customer card is now in purple. I hope you will like it. Best regards
  • Thank you very much for your support :-) Accually I have an idea about something similar to that design yet slightly different, but I need some time to do this. Maybe it'll be THE ONE :-). I'll upload it as soon as possible. Best regards.
  • Hi Omega - I do like this one, but don't think that it is the right direction for us.
  • Hi Acorsys - we prefer the silver/blue vs silver and gold.
  • Hi operhal - Eliminating this one based on the error you mentioned and keeping 15 in the contest.
  • :) Sorry about that (english is not my first language) i will make correction and upload soon as possible. I will try to make something new for customer card. Do you have some hints? Maybe we can use some words for customers also (Loyal, Trustful...)in combination with some Christmas graphics.
  • Hi Acorsys - thank you for the submission, but I think your other designs are in a better direction