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Did an awesome job. Even with my last minute changes, it was very close to perfect!

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designed by VladTodirut

Project description

We need some simple graphics updated for a template that we installed for our store: You can see the template we installed on the test site at: http://mdttac.com/magento What we need is: - The main big picture needs to display our main product: The TAC21 Chassis. It needs to sell the customer on the fact that they can take their Remington 700 and make it look like the rifle you see on our website. Here are some pictures you can use of our rifle (you'll need to cut them out) http://mdttac.com/pics/rifles.rar. You can also get additional information from our brochure: http://mdttac.com/MDTBrochure.pdf Please ensure the main points come across about accuracy, modularity and that it fits any AR-15 butt-stock and pistol grip. Also make sure the pricing shows ($699.99 for short action and $799.99 for long action) and that there is a call to action. For the 3 buttons/graphics below it, one needs to be about the butt-stock adapters, the other about rails, and the other about magazines. I would also like a 4th in case I want to switch one that is AR-15 accessories. In case you want to use the PSD for this design, you can download it at http://www.mage-world.com/mhitech-free-magento-theme.html

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  • Hello, i figured out what i was doing wrong, it was late :) I faded out everything lese except the chassis and changed everything to the black tac 21. Not 100% sure if you want the big gun to be this one (the black) or the first one i used. If it's the black one then i'll carve it out correctly. Thank you :) Vlad ps: some reatings would help :)
    • Awesome! That is exactly it!!!

  • Hello, i've done quite a few "carvings" so far, but this one has to be the hardest, i do love a good chalenge though. I hope you like the overall design. As for the 4 graphics/buttons bellow, could i get some images for those? Should you want anything changed, don't hesitate to let me know, Not 100% sure if the extra gun i used is a remington 700, shutterstock.com doesn't allow brand names on the website so i can't find and exact match, if this is not the rifle we can always find a good rifle on shutterstock and i'll buy the image. Thank you, Vlad
    • Awesome. Very good. Don't worry about the 3 images below. I made something up myself for those. Are you able to use the black gun for the chassis, and fade out the accessories so that people see it is the chassis we are selling and not the gun? Know what I mean? Just like on the brochure.

    • i gave the accessories a movement effect, so they seem like they are going on the remington rifle. so it all looks like it's comming together and then you get the real weapon, the tac 21. But i see what you mean, i'll fade out the remington and make the accessories more visible. As for the chassis, yes i can use the black one, but it took a long time to carve this one out, and its going to take almost the same amount of time to carve another one out. So i hope you dont mind if i leave that one for tomorrow ( almost 2 am here :) ) Thank you, Vlad

    • I have one that is carved out already. It should be in the file I provided.... Don't want to see the accessories either. Fade those out too. Only make the chassis show clearly....

    • I only see 9 jpgs in the rar you sent, and they all have the background and the shadow. If you do have a black carved chassi, that would be a big time saver :) Thanks