Backdrop needed for AC/DC Tribute band

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Winning design #6 by Bernadette, Graphic Design for Backdrop needed for AC/DC Tribute band Contest
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designed by Bernadette

Project description

We had our website and logo designed and are pleased with that. With the website design however came a design for a 'backdrop'. A backdrop is a large banner (in this case 2x4 meter is about 3.28 feet) that hangs behind the band when they perform. Ofcourse this advertises the bands name, url and logo but should also set an atmosphere. At this URL you can see an example of a backdrop from a different band. Its our singer with the backdrop of a Iron Maiden tribute band behind him: The backdrop that we got had our logo (wich is fine the way it is) but also had a picture of a very nice lady. This lady is clearly designed and drawn by a woman as she is very clean, does not show any cleavage does not wear netstockings and misses the point of ACDC rock&roll by not at least having horns or a pointed tail. What we ask from you is to replace the design we got (and wich you can download) with something as cool and detailed as the Ironic Maiden backdrop shown in the example above. This does not necessarily have to be a sexy lady, but may be the devil or Angus Young bursting through the backdrop in a hail of fire, the scene from a AC/DC song, a tribute to the late Bon Scott or anything else that you can come up with and that makes clear that we're dealing with the coolest AC/DC tribute band known to men. The original design wich contains the logo can be downloaded from: The file is rather big (180MB) and I'm not able to open it on my computer so I hope inside is what was shown to us in thumbnail size.

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