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Project description

The boutique cafe located in the city center of Tallinn, Estonia is looking for a way to decorate two walls (corner-connected) with the graphic design image. The image that will win this competition will be hand-painted on the wall by an artist. 

The main requirements:
walls sizes: 
wall 1: 7m x 3,2m (length x height) 
wall 2: 9,3m x 3,2m 

The image should be: in monochrome tones (white, black, grey) with more light tones than dark ones. Image should be in a style of sketch or pencil drawing.
Suggested elements (not mandatory): cafe, women near the window, women with a book, books, table, armchair. 
Street musicians siluetes (for example saxophone player or guitarrist) on the first wall without doors. Every siluet should be inside the wall frame.

Below you can see photos of 3D design of the cafe. The two walls can be seen on the first photo, the images that are used over there now are given just as an example.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good Luck

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  • Thank you very much for participation. Unfortunately this image does not fit into our concept #13
    • @ksenia_abeliasheva Thank you for feedback, What do you think can I improve about my design? Thanks!

    • @ksenia_abeliasheva Thank you for feedback, What do you think can I improve about my design? Thanks!

  • Thank you for this great image. It looks really good, however, unfortunately, does not fit in with the overall style of our cafe. #14
  • Perfect for u.... #15
  • Hello! #13
  • Thank you for participating in our contest. The images are nice, infortunately they do not fit in well in our contsept. #3
  • About #5, @operhal
    Thank you very much for participation. This image, however does not fit in. First of all there is only one image on one wall and we needed on both. The time is very limited and we are not able to extend the contest.
    Thank you for your time and participation
  • Thank you very much for your work! The theme of fishes does not fit in our concept, however. The musician in the frame does not fit the wall design either. Thank you anyway for participation! #9
  • This is slightly too classic for our cafe; we mentioned that we would like to see street musicians. This associates more with a luxury restaurant or a ballroom to us. Beautiful painting but we afraid that it does not fit in well in our place. Thank you! #7
    • @ksenia_abeliasheva. I was about to submit one more drawing with a more modern design and appearance. If you don't mind extending the time. I am willing to work with you until you get the exact painting you expected. Thank you

  • Thank you for participating in our contest! Unfortunately this image does not fit into our place since it would not fit onto our two corner-connected walls. To be honest we also did not like the white flowers on the background. #6
  • Once again combination of city views and swimming fishes does not seem to us like an appropriate combination for the cafe. Thank you anyway for participating! #8
  • please refer to comments under entry 7, since this is repetition. Thanks! #11
  • Guess this is visualization of the entry 7? Please refer to those comments #10
  • Unfortunately this is irrelevant to our initial task set. Thank you anyway for your work! #4
  • Any and all changes are possible until you get exactly what you want! I am also an artist by trade. #7
  • ...also, what are the dimensions of the door, and it's distance from the corner?
  • Third question.... mention images of women several times in the brief. Am I to assume that you do not want images of men at all?
    • @weiesnbach the man could be also, no problem with that. It has to be like in the picture, dont put so much emphasis on the faces.

  • This might sound like a dumb question, but what does the outside of the building, and the surrounding are, look like? If you give me an address, I can just pull it up on Google Street view. Thanks...
    • @weiesnbach Adress is Kaubamaja 6, Tallinn, Estonia. It is tight next to big shopping mall

  • shutterstock 239055601 #2
  • shutterstock 315826106 #1