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Winning design #2 by Fresco, Graphic Design for Tucson Ticket & Poster Contest
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designed by Fresco

Project description

We need a poster and event ticket designed for ANY event in Tucson, Arizona. If you have competed in our contests before, this one is DIFFERENT!! It is different because the copy should not drive the background design. Please use the following copy (text) for layout purposes only. This is not actually for a business conference, but to be used for ANY event in Tucson, Arizona. The background design should NOT be for a business conference!!! Please use icons and elements in your design that would reflect Tucson, Arizona. For example in NYC the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge would be used. Please take a look at the follow designs for examples for other cities we have on our website: http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Detroit-Poster-Redesigned-Product/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Indianapolis-Poster/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Hollywood-Poster/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Poster-For-Memphis-Event-Redesigned-Product/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Atlanta-Poster/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Boston-Poster/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Cancun-Poster/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Los-Angeles-Flyer/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Maryland-Poster/ http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Michigan-Poster/ Here's a link to more designs if needed: http://www.ticketprinting.com/Quick-Ticket-Search.aspx?Keywords=city&Images=False&Color=True&BW=True&Stubs=False CITY: Tucson, Arizona. Please use icons or imagery that reflects the city of Tucson, Arizona. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: Visit the link below for all design specifications: http://www.ticketprinting.com/Template-Design-Specifications/Poster-and-Event-Tickets.html POSTER COPY Your Local Association presents Meeting of the Minds A small business conference Tucson An event in your local city July 9th - 11th 8am - 5pm Early Registration: $200 After June 10: $250 The Tucson Convention Center 1055 Broadway Place Meeting of the Minds is designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the business landscape by offering them access to first-class educational workshop, national keynote speakers, business resources and effective networking opportunities. To register, please call 1.555.123.4567 or email us at info@skylineconference.org www.skylineconference.org Thank you to our sponsors TICKET COPY Your Local Association presents Meeting of the Minds A small business conference Tucson An event in your local city July 9th - 11th 8am - 5pm Early Registration: $200 After June 10: $250 The Tucson Convention Center 1055 Broadway Place Thank you to our sponsors No.001 *************************************** Please be original (do not copy a poster from Google image search) Creative and cutting edge copy layout Provide room for the final customer to upload their own sponsor logos. ***You are welcome to use stock imagery from fotolia.com. Our total budget for imagery is $100, but the image MUST be Extended X. If an image does not offer Extended X we are unable to use it. You can download a comp for placement and then if you are chosen as the winner I will post the high quality print file(s) so you can make the final files high resolution. The use of fotolia imagery needs to leverage your design, not just an image you purchase and slap some text on top. We need the the fotolia images to be a great addition to YOUR design. Please review the follow use of the fotolia image and how it was incorporated into our current Designer's creation: Yoga Poster:http://us.fotolia.com/id/41421806 http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Lotus-Flower-Flyer-PHI/ Roller Derby:http://us.fotolia.com/id/16906252 http://www.ticketprinting.com/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Roller-Derby-Passing-Star-Poster/ Bass Fishing Poster: Fotolia image: http://us.fotolia.com/id/15505276 http://www.ticketriver.com.au/Posters-and-Flyers/Details/Bass-Fishing-Tournament-P-PHI/ The fotolia images need to enhance YOUR design not rely completely on it.

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