Toner cartridge MFR needs stunning box design

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Winning design #48 by nvillegas, Graphic Design for Toner cartridge MFR needs stunning box design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nvillegas

Project description

We distribute environmentally friendly, premium, high quality re-manufactured toner cartridges. As a national wholesale Distributor, we ship products everyday all over the country and have a huge variety of customers and products. Part of our product offering is a Premium Toner Cartridge and we need a new, striking and beautifully simple box design. This Premium Toner Cartridge offering will not have a name brand and the box should ultimately be generic. We would like to see a well laid out 4 panel box(front, back, sides, top). There should be a continual theme and design that is consistent throughout the whole box. The front of the box should have the primary design that carries over to the other sides. Eye catching graphics and a space in the lower right hand corner for a label to be wrapped around the corner(not blank white space). In another corner on the front, there should be text that reads "Premium Toner". This text should not be the focus and not take up very much space. The back panel will carry the theme over that's on the front but there will need to be 4 boxes/sections for text to describe the premium toner cartridge. The sections of text on the box should have sections highlighting them within the design(sunken look, outlined, anything to make each section stand out). The sides would allow for small logo/graphics, disclaimers and the second part of the wrap label described on the lower right hand side of the front of the box. The attached image is a design that was previously done. We would like to see creative expansions similar to this. This layout is preferred as far as the label area and text on the back panel go.

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  • Hi there! Do you have the template for the box? Just the template (die-cut and folding) without the design. Please upload it. Thanks!
    • hello, unfortunately I don't have the die cut template. It's not necessary to use that template. The box will be made in different sizes onces the design is finalized. The measurements of that die cut are approximately 14" wide x 5" deep and 9" tall.

  • The finished look, fonts and layout look good. I would like to see some more detail and texture in the background colors.
    • ok boss, i'll do the best thats i can do and for you and i hope i'm don't disappoint you :)

  • SLX
    #10 Posted a first proposal. Let me know if this is something you had in mind and if I can improve it in any way.
  • Dear Ch, Waiting my entry i hope you like my idea & design thanks
    • I do not see an entry from you.

    • Dear CH, i am still working on it & upload very soon thanks

  • Hello, I have submitted one design for this contest. Hopefully it will accomodate your need.
  • I would like to see this as a box design. The design, fonts and logo looks great but it's hard to visualize this as a finished box.
    • Hi Ross, I will upload it as a box design. Please note that if my design is chosen, I can modify and make many revisions to suit your needs! Thanks! Sophie

  • We would like to see a darker overall color/theme. We are not looking for a white box. This design is too minimal but the fonts and text look good.
  • Please post editable template and measurements for the box
    • unfortunately I don't have the die cut template. It's not necessary to use that template. The box will be made in different sizes onces the design is finalized. The measurements of that die cut are approximately 14" wide x 5" deep and 9" tall.

  • Dear CH, Submitted my design #16, hope you like the concept. please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers
  • Greeting Ch, #21 upload a sample for you. Cover Image is 3D Image. not a stock image. So i used a 100% new 3D Image for box cover. thanks.
  • you have used copyrighted art
  • this is best design I have received. i like how the premium toner name is incorporated into a logo and is on all the panels. the one dislike is the earth on the side is an apple. i like the idea of a green earth and the color, but being in the shape and design of an apple looks odd. can you change the green object around on the side?
    • About #45 Dear CH, Glad you like my design. I revised a more exciting earth for you. Hope you like it. Thanks & Regards

  • i like the color theme and layout, the solid colors take away from the overall design. can you make the background colors textured in some way and have some more defined separation from other areas?
    • Thank you Ross, I will send the design #6 with the addition of full color textures. Would you please send your opinion about design #9?

  • i like the look and feel of this box but the premium toner text is lacking. the designs i like better have a more exciting font/logo for the premium toner wording.
  • needs more design, basic idea is there but it needs to look like the other designs as far as layout
  • can you make the font for premium toner a little more exciting? i'd also like to see a texture for the background rather than just a flat color
  • i dont like the ink cartridge images. i like everything else but the dark background is an important aspect i would like to see.
  • i like the layout and overall look. can you make the font for premium toner more exciting?
  • darker background with a texture please
  • i'd like to see this with a dark textured background(not green colored background but dark blue or black) and then green colors for the graphics.