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We are "New Radio" - a national Russian radio station, playing only Russian popular music. We have a weekly chart (top 20 Russian hits of the week), which is called "Top League". In December we are hosting an event, also called "Top League" of "New Radio". We plan to award the best Russian artists of 2016. After a huge search we have decided to make a statuette in a form of Siren (a mystical creature fron Greek Mythology). The best Siren we have found that we like was "The Warsaw Siren" (Warsaw old town (city symbol) Pictures are attached. But unlike the original, there should be this important differences: 1) There Should be no sword and sheild: 2) Her face should be softer, nicer, sweeter; 3) Her head should be looking up with her hair laying on her back; 4) She hold in her right han a modern microphone, right by her mouth; 5) Her chest is up because she is breathing in for fyrther singing; 6) While sitting she is resting on her right hip; 7) Her tail is laying around the plinth that she is sitting on.

3D design is a plus! 

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  • 3D model, microphone is a separate object, but can be attached if needed. I can send out OBJ, 3DS, LWO, or if you need a vector format I can easily render it how you like and run an auto trace in Illustrator.
    • @weiesnbach nice work man

    • About #33, @binkula Thanks, I honestly wasn't sure I'd get it done in time to post it. I wouldn't have if I didn't already have a torso and head to use as a base to start with.

  • Some more details added to the hair. #34
  • kindly review the design #32
  • Hi. This is my first interpretation of your design idea. If you like the style, I can work it up further (plinth, lettering). Thanks in advance for feedback. #31
  • Dear CH, please check my concept drawing I assume that someone will make cup from clay and later transfer in chosen material or? #29
  • Hi there Anastasia1987 please list the final format you winning source files delivered in

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    I am submitting my first concept drawing for your requirement. Hope I am in the right direction. comments are appreciated.

    binkula #27
  • It's kind of hard to tell from your photos, but it appears that she has twin tails. Before I get started modeling this I would like to confirm that she does two tails.
  • 3d model, can be exported as a Wavefront OBJ, LWO, 3DS, etc., can be 3d printed as is or used to make a casting mold, has sturdy handles made of music notes, can actually be used as a drinking vessel, and scaled to whatever size you prefer, has an area on the front for engraving(can be removed), and can be subdivided further for higher resolution/poly count...

    ...I'm not sure if this is what you are looking, but if you communicate with me I can steer this in the right direction. #23
  • Nice Music Related Cup #18
  • Nice Music Related Cup #17
  • ...and here's the wireframe of the model itself. I also have low-poly versions as well. #16
  • This is the model rendered by itself.... #15
  • All vector, the cup/bowl is based on an original 3D model, which can easily be exported to OBJ for 3D printing. I went with a halftone feel, because it seemed to work well with the retro look of the logo, which is also all original typography. #14
  • cup stylized to vintage microphone #11
  • Hi @Anastasia1987 if you are interested in my concept #1 I will prepare a 3d model
  • Will the design also be translated into a real world object/cup/bowl? If so, are you looking for a file that can be 3D printed as well as serving as a logo?
  • Red wood base, crныефд leg with gold spirals, 2-layered body - red and yellow gold. #9