Unique and original camouflage image.

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Winning design #100 by rajiv, Graphic Design for Unique and original camouflage image. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rajiv

Project description

We are seeking a new style camouflage image. We apply our images on fabric and vinyl type materials for numerous market segments. The image has to be original can be manipulated from photo or computer generated image. Can not reflect any resemblance to any thing else on the market. The image can not lean towards copyright or trademark infringements. We are seeking original concepts for our market. The image should incorporate tree limbs, branches and so on. But not limited to strictly shrubs and plant life. There are some images in the industry including ours that use bones, skulls artifacts and so on to enhance the image. We are looking more for what we call designer camouflage. It will work in the field of hunting but goes beyond that. The images are printed using a 480mm X 1020mm cylinders. The image will have a 480mm repeat. We can incorporate the correct repeat once we have a final winner. The image needs to be of high resolution for printing proposes. AI file preferred but usually can work with a J peg.

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