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Winning design #126 by goestpozz, Graphic Design for Unique Icon and Logo wanted for custom software company Contest
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designed by goestpozz

Project description

Looking for a unique icon and logo that stands out and represents what we do. I want something that will build a trademark.

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  • I like where you started, it is clean and crisp. Generally I always use JTS as initials but this gives me food for thought. I would like to see if you can take this up higher.
  • Not sure I like the colors. We are looking for a Logo with a complimentary icon
  • We are not just-in-time, JTS is more our initials but I am looking for more than just our initials. We are looking for a Logo with a complimentary icon and green is not my color. I did like your contruction touches.
  • A unique icon for a unique company.
  • Too basic
  • Thank you for making my name one color
  • dear ch, i had modified my design with your name "justin" in entry #78 thank you.
  • Please, my name is Justin
  • Totally sux u reached limit, was hoping for another, this one was not good colors
  • Re: #55 They are stylized power cords. The icon would incorporate one of them with the initials "JT". Re: #66 The hourglass represents time; it was sort of a play on words referencing "just in time."
  • dear CH, i had posted my new concept in entry #77 . i had try to make it elegant design.... , thank you!!!
  • #76 Please check my revision color. thanks
  • #71 #72 awww.. i reach the upload limit... I cant able to upload more color option as per suggested by you.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER I AM EXPECTING BOTH A LOGO AND MATCHING ICON FROM THE WINNING DESIGN. Visit http://justintimesoftware.com/ for my non-artistic example of things to maybe incorporate. Thanks for your time. - Justin
  • How will anyone know what this means? What about the complimenting Icon?
  • Too much Highlighter effect
  • I don't like the J backwards, First design flowed better I think.
  • Doenst seem balanced to me
  • Please note my name is Justin and not Just in. Too many companies do the just in time thing and i dont care for it much
  • Like the improvements not sold on all blue but much better than with red. Maybe a gold or yellow or ornage or green???