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Winning design #20 by Babbss07, Graphic Design for Unity Electric Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Babbss07

Project description

We're looking to spruce up our logo. We have been in business 6 years and the logo is well recognized in our local area. But a new competitor has recently opened nearby and has a professional doing all their designing and printing for them so it's time to spruce it up!
We need to keep the basics of this logo, but add something to it and introduce one colour - but it can't be bright orange or sky blue....too close to competitors.

I would really like to get some icons and maybe page borders or graphic 'underlines' (I don't know the proper lingo, sorry) that I can use in advertising, business letters & posters. I hope that's allowed with this contest. If not, I may be contacting the winner directly to look into these things later.

I will upload our current logo in eps format. It was made by a friend of the business owner and she has released all rights to us.

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  • About #20, @Babbss07 This one looks really good. Can I see it with the sides of the u and the n not running into the border? Does that make sense?
    • About #53, @Unity two different plugs that symbolizes "unity". Please tell if this design suits you. Thanks.

    • About #20, @Unity

      Just an update about my sets of design, when one of my design is chosen as a winner, I'll like to inform you that "I can make" adjustment for you, so it can be use in Business cards, letter head, website logo or anything you need. It's a FREE CHARGE.


  • This is VERY cool....but just deviates too far from our established logo.... #132
    • About #132, @Unity Well that's a shame. It's always difficult to leave the familiar behind. I can only suggest you show the logo around and get other opinions about it. I would suggest that unless you have a very large company with a national brand then a quite different logo is not a problem. It's really only large companies who need to be very conservative with their branding. Boldness in going for something different in your re-branding may help push back against this new competitor you mentioned in the brief.

    • About #132, @Unity As part of your re-branding I would advise you to do a mailing to all your customers announcing it, thus giving you the opportunity to remind them you are still around, and perhaps promote some offer to generate further business. One job could pay for the entire mailing.

  • Thank you everyone for your entries! There is a lot of talent in you designers.
    I will take the final entries to our management to determine if we will be adopting one of these for our new logo.
    Please be patient.
  • simple and clean design. #121
  • give me feedback #101
  • give me feedback #98
  • Hello,

    New set of designs in modern and simpler approach. If you need some changes or like to implement something further, please feel free to ask. #95
  • Wow, you guys are coming up with some really nice designs. I wish that we would have used this site when making our original logo.
    Keep in mind that we are pretty stuck on the un part of our logo and it's unlikely that we would switch from it.
    Light bulbs, plugs and lightning bolts are too cliche so we will probably stay away from them.
    I will be back soon to rate all the new designs and give some more feed back.

    Thanks all!
  • Good Day,

    Kindly check these design updates from previous proposals. I tried a different colour options and increased the the width of the encircling electrical cord. Looking forward for your next feedback.

    Thanks and regards... #85
  • new design
    sir please rate my new designs #61 #62 #63 #64 #65 #66
    i hope so you like :)
  • new design
    sir please rate my new designs #61 #62 #63 #64 #65 #66
    i hope so you like :)
  • new design
    The logo is simple and very professional
    thanks #54
  • @unity #52
  • Hello,

    Thank you for the feedback and given ratings. Here is one more variation having the logo in square set-up. This design is very versatile in any of your future marketing needs. #51
  • About #48, @Raph I quite like it, thanks!
  • Design in a simplified approach. #50
  • Hello,

    Here is my design proposal as a revamp for your logo. I keep the basic and original design but made a slight changes on the letters and added an "electric" imagery to make it look modern. The encircling cord simply stands for unity. #48
  • check my design #41 #40 #39 and please rate my logo and comment me..
    • @chaudhary85 Looking to keep the un part of our logo. Please check the brief and files uploaded.

  • please rate my logo, and whats tell you #38
  • About #16, @paulhs That is a neat idea!!
    Just not sure if I like the look of it all together....