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Winning design #91 by alamodegraphic, Graphic Design for We want to look like the International $30 M company we are! Contest
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designed by alamodegraphic

Project description

We are NOT looking for a new logo. What we need is a design element that we can utilize for Letter Head, Marketing Collateral pieces such as Case Studies, Battle Cards, Partner Prospectus, Powerpoints, etc., that is upbeat, maybe a little funky and definitely high-tech. It could be a graphic that we watermark on powerpoints or highlight on the corners of printed documents, but definitely something readily recognizable. Again, we are not looking for a new logo. We are looking for a design element.

The design element must translate to a powerpoint template, and eventually a new look and feel for our website

IMPORTANT: the design must be part of a cohesive design that complements our logo which can be found at: http://www.iq4bis.com/

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  • #24 #25 #26 here is my designs.. please check
  • cad
    How about #14?
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  • with this image we mean direction
  • Altair is correct, we do not want a logo redesign, we are looking for design elements to use on printed collateral, as well as on power point templates and our website.
  • This logo is created with the visual technique of union of the two main early, I hope comments
  • hi, I'm not sure if i'm reading the brief correctly but you don't want a logo redesign do you? You want something like a distinctive header for your business right? I thought using your colours in playful pattern would be a nice way to show this. Thanks, Altair
  • This logo is created with the visual technique of union of the two main early, I hope comments
  • Designers....This ch is looking for a power point background using their log..... message from contest holder I need a powerpoint template background, and a letterhead etc. that uses our logo and helps us develop a corporate branding look and feel They are not looking for a new logo, again it is a power point background to be designed
  • #35 #36 #37 #38 I made some studies, trying to look clean & professional..
  • #33 is in the right direction! lets see some more :)
  • Make it simple. Just use it freely and flexibly by stacking the glassy boxes randomly according to media and space.
  • #28 and 29, can you find a way to use our logo, or a derivation that looks more like our logo?
  • #39 its look like there is a color error with the picture, the real base colors are /1ab7eb /f99e1e /60499e /00a94f /da2228.Im going to review this and fix later, thank you.
  • cubes need to match logo cubes, line is good
  • good, but the gray line is too fat and the cubes don't match the logo cubes
  • colors are right, cubes are right, but too messy and large, distracting
  • Stylistic, colors need to be our logo colors
  • Cubes are too large, take up too much room. No design in upper left hand corner for power points, in right lower quadrant only