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Winning design #25 by Posspoint, Graphic Design for WebHostingGeeks.com needs a Facebook page design Contest
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designed by Posspoint

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Hi guys! We need another design for our client - a Facebook page design for WebHostingGeeks.com. Destination: http://www.facebook.com/webhostinggeeks?sk=app_4949752878 Dimensions: 500px wide, 500-700px high (image). Please be creative!

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  • dear all, i think CH need facebook page design, like this one http://www.facebook.com/tanyapepsodent and http://www.facebook.com/anakcerdascerebrofort?sk=app_7146470109 CMIIW... :-)
  • Aeronik, Hi! I agree with you. A specific guidelines is a key for a better and excellent design. I Hope that Dear CH will consider your point. Good day to all!
  • HS, The brief is very brief,and means designers will be spendiing a lot of time working blinding and probablly doing the wrong thing. Can you confirm you want a static image that will be sliced and coded into an active webpage section on facebook? If this is the case I think you should tell us what type of content will be displayed in the section we are designing? EG: videos, comments, blog entries, picture gallery etc. Or is this a banner image for the top of your facebook welcome page? Should we incorporate the logo or will it be allready displayed seperatley in the left column. We need to no the function of what we are designing, I know I'm designing somthing for your fb page but thats all I know. Please elaborate and give us designers somewhere to start.
  • Dear CH, Ohk.. I got what you want.. Just final touching it & then will post it here.. Anyways Thx, Regards, TheDK
  • Dear TheDK, Actually I want to see what you guys have in mind for that kind of website.
  • Sorry, looks like you spent the whole day on this )) The contest is open for another 13 days, so please try something else ))
  • Hi again CH, am not really sure if this is what you exactly wanted, am sure with some feedback it could get better. Regards
  • Hi CH, Can you pls provide the Exact Requirements of what the exactly you want ? Coz that would be easy for us to make a best for you ! Regards, TheDK
  • Hi, I would prefer some light background. Doesn't have to be pure white though...
  • Hi CH, does the background colour have to be white? Regards
  • sorry about the 1st design, wasn't so sure about what to do. Hope #9 would be a better design. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks MK
  • Hi Hanei, I Have designed facebook page with 2 variations:- #6 #7 and I can make any revisions if you require. I'm not sure what content would suit you. There are 5 sections where I can put your preferred content anyway. I have sharpened up the image from the logo so it fits in better with the sharp design. but I haven't used full logo as it will already be displayed in facebooks left column. I have added some mock up stock icons which you will need to purchase the commercial licence for at £4 per image. There is also a large range of icons available for purchase on image stock websites if you have anything particular in mind. I will gladly install the page on your facebook if you require and create the click-able link areas on the page. - feedback appreciated.
  • I can provide the .AI as well. (Update from my message earlier)
  • I can do all the necessary coding as well, no extra cost. That includes the image being 'mapped' with clickable links on the design
  • I submitted my second design. If you would like any revisions made, that wont be a problem. Hope you enjoy :)
  • I am currently working on a different style as well. Talk soon,
  • Hello hanei, Would you be able to provide more information that you would like to have on the landing page ? I submitted a design for you to review. If you like that style, and provide me more information to input on the page, it would make it much easier for me to get a feel for the design.
  • I can provide the PSD and JPG format. Do you really need a .AI format as well ?
  • CH is the the wording youu want ?
  • CH I'm getting a better picture. Basically a fb landing page image. What is the prompt for them to click the like button? and what else would you like the page to achieve other than to click the like button? is there any message or info you need to put across?